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Send messages via Planday as a manager
Send messages via Planday as a manager
Communicate with your employees through Planday's built-in messaging function from the web or app.
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🎯 For Admins and HR/Schedule managers.

What kind of messages can you send?

You and your employees can communicate within Planday to send individual or group messages without the need to remember contact information. The messaging function works both on the web version and the Planday app as an alternative to social media groups and personal e-mails.

In Planday, you can send two types of messages:

  • A message to a user's Planday account directly from the web or app.

  • An SMS from Planday to the user's phone number.

📱 An SMS message may only work if a mobile phone number exists on an employee's account. When sending an SMS, standard rates may apply.

Sending messages via the web browser on Planday

Navigate to the message icon in the top right corner of your screen. If you move the mouse over the icon, a preview of the message area appears in a small drop-down window.

💡 If the ✉️ message symbol has a blue dot, you have at least one unread message in your inbox.

You can directly see the latest messages displayed in a preview window. You can also select the options Send a new message, go to your Inbox or Send an SMS (if activated on your Planday).

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Compose a message

Clicking on the ✉️ envelope icon with the plus sign takes you directly to compose a new message. In the Recipients area, select one or more recipients for your message; optionally, you can also address entire Departments or Employee groups.

As in any conventional e-mail system, you can enter a subject under Message, type your text and add attachments before you send.

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Send an SMS

👤 SMS functionality can be enabled for your Planday upon request. SMS messages incur additional costs per message. Please get in touch with Planday support to get this enabled.

Clicking on the smartphone icon with the plus will take you directly to the compose New SMS page. As with sending a regular message, you can select one or more recipients for your SMS under Recipients, optionally entire Departments or Employee groups.

Optionally, you can enter a name or a telephone number in the Sender area. By entering a telephone number (incl. country code), the recipients can send replies to this number.

Confirm by pressing Send SMS.

Press Browse for recipients to select from a more extensive list of employees and departments.

Select the following options in Message details if required:

  • Merge Fields lets you pull information from the receiver's profile into the message, which can be helpful when sending bulk messages. For example, you could start your message as: Hello <Name> and send it to a group of people. Each person will then see their name after Hello.

  • Attachments (Managers only) allow you to add documents or photos with messages.

  • Notify recipients by SMS (if this option is not visible to you, ask Planday support to enable it) - Recipients will also be notified of the message by SMS. Standard SMS charges may apply.

  • Show the message Punch Clock - The message is displayed to recipients when they Punch in for their shift. For example, use this option to ensure that staff receive urgent information related to their work and see the message directly on the home screen in the app.

  • Require reply - Recipients can close the message, but it will remain visible at the top of their inbox with a notification until they answer back.

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Click on Inbox to navigate to the complete overview of your messages. You will find the options All Messages, Sent messages and Sent SMS. You can also sort the message traffic into folders through Manage folders and search for specific messages using keywords in the search bar.

You can navigate directly to Send SMS (if activated) or Send message from the upper right corner.

Sending messages via the Planday app

You can also send messages via the Planday app. To do this, press the Messages icon from the app's menu bar to get to the Inbox.

Like in the browser version, you can send, read or forward messages to individual employees or Departments and Employee groups. You can attach (image) files of up to 50 MB in size to the messages and switch back and forth between folders.

For a detailed overview of communication via the Planday app, see the article Messaging through the Planday app.

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Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom if you have more questions.

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