Messaging through the Planday app
Communicate with your colleagues through Planday’s built-in messaging tool.
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The Planday app allows you to communicate with your team using the in-app messaging system. Messaging allows you to communicate with each other without the need to use personal phone numbers or social media groups.

In the Planday app, you can find the Messages section in the menu bar from which you can access the Inbox. Here you will be able to:

  • read, send, receive and forward messages.

  • start or reply to group messages.

  • take action on messages that require an answer from you.

  • see a list of who has or hasn’t read your message. (managers only)

  • attach a file or picture from your phone with a message. (managers only)

This means you can communicate through the Planday app in a similar way you would from the web version without having to know contact details or taking your communication outside of Planday.

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From the Inbox view, the folder icon (🗂) will allow you to switch to your Sent folder which will contain copies of the messages you have sent.

You can also delete a message by sliding the message entry to the left and then tapping on the delete icon (🗑).

Compose a message

Also from the Inbox view, you'll find the option (📝) to write a new message either in the top right corner for iOS devices or in the bottom right corner for Android devices.

When you're composing a message, you'll have to:

  • choose which colleagues, Departments or Employee groups you want to send it to. You can add multiple recipients by tapping their names.

  • write a subject

  • write your message

  • If you are a manager, you can also attach files or photos (within a total 50MB size limit) from your mobile devices.

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Respond to messages that require a reply

In the messages section, you can find your Inbox containing messages from your colleagues or manager and any system messages you may have received.

If one of the messages requires a reply, it will be highlighted at the top of your inbox until you respond to it.

💡Please note that, at this time, setting the option to require a reply is only available through the web platform and is intended for managers only.

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See who has read your messages (Manager only)

Whether you sent a message to an entire group or Department or just to a list of colleagues, you can keep track of who has opened your message and who hasn't yet seen it.

From your Sent folder (Inbox > press folder icon 🗂 > Sent), click on the message you want to see read receipts for and tap on the second icon from the right in the upper right corner. This will prompt you to choose between a list of people who have opened your message and those who haven't. You will also see an indicator of how many are on each list.

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Contact colleagues outside of Planday messages by SMS, e-mail or call

You can also reach out to your colleagues outside the Planday messaging system by sending them an SMS text, e-mail or phone call. This is suitable if you want to contact a person urgently.

Under the People section of the app, you can search for a specific colleague by name. Once you tap on a colleague's entry, you can see the available communication options.

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  • Tapping the Message icon gives you a choice between sending an SMS (if enabled on your Planday) or sending a message through Planday (default).

  • Tapping the Call button allows you to call the colleague from your phone.

  • Pressing the Mail icon lets, you send an e-mail to your colleague.

⚠️ These additional contact options are only available if this information is listed in the employee’s profile and made visible by your Planday’s admin.

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Reach out to the Planday administrator in your company or your direct if you need help using Planday.

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