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August 2019 Release Notes
August 2019 Release Notes
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Multiple Shifts Editing
With this new feature, you can edit several shifts at once without having to click, open and close every individual shift one after the other, or also simply deleting and approving any shifts directly from the schedule view. You will be given three options: Edit, Delete, or Approve.
Learn more about multiple shift editing in our help article.

Vacation displayed on Schedule
This addition to the Schedule displays vacation in the same section as the bank holidays, so that they can be visualised quickly in all Schedule views. The menu also shows vacation requests for schedule managers and changes colour of vacation in Employee view to blue.

New Option for Templates
A new option is available for you to choose when applying templates to your schedules. Additionally to the “Update existing, and add new shifts” and “Delete all and add new shifts” options, you can now choose to “Keep existing shifts and add new shifts”. This new option simply adds the shifts in the template to your schedule without making any changes to the existing shifts. This means nothing is lost, giving you more flexibility to fine-tune your template at a later stage.
Please note that the new shifts might conflict with pre-existing shifts.
If you’d like to know more about this new option for templates, check out our help article.

Managed Employees Toggle
This new toggle switch in the People section lets managers quick filter on the employees they manage, those whose details they can edit. When the toggle is enabled, the filters and counts for departments and employee groups update so you can quickly filter on your staff.

Avatars on Employees Page
This change adds avatars to the Employees list in the People section. When an employee has a picture uploaded to their profile, this will be displayed to the left of their name in the Employees page. If no picture is uploaded, their avatar will show their initials.

Cost of Open Shifts in Schedule
It is now possible to assign a cost to open shifts, that will then display in the schedule payroll costs. This functionality allows schedule managers to have a more representative view of their actual payroll costs.

New Condensed week/day/month Dropdown
The old period selector has been condensed into a dropdown, and the date picker has moved to the left to allow for an even clearer view of your schedule and enhanced experience.

Always Require Position on Shift
When activated, this new feature greys out the employee group in the Create/Edit shift view, which allows schedulers to create shifts only for specific positions, reducing errors when planning.
Please note that this feature is not activated by default. To activate it, please contact our awesome support team.

Added loading spinner when printing schedule
We’re now displaying a spinner when loading the print, as a way of letting the user know that something is happening as it was previously confusing if the printer was slow to load.

Support for Czech

Planday has been localised in Czech! 🇨🇿


The latest version of our iOS App is 5.15.9. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access the new features.

Support for Czech
The Planday iOS App has been localised in Czech! 🇨🇿


The latest version of our Android App is 5.15.9. Make sure to download it from the Google Play Store or update to access the new features.

Support for Czech
The Planday Android App has been localised in Czech! 🇨🇿

Kiosk (iPad)

The latest version of our iPad Kiosk App is 1.0.5. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access all most recent features.

Kiosk App is now enabled by default for all new portals
The Kiosk App has been made available for all new portals. This change does not affect the existing portals settings, and a manager login is still required to set up the Kiosk App on an iPad for it to work.

Fixes & Improvements


  • We resolved an issue causing some deactivated managers to continue receiving email notifications.

  • Fixed an issue causing error in schedule and employee edit due to duplicate hourly wage being saved to an employee.

  • Manually entered values in date fields in certain formats resulted in errors and saving of incorrect date.

  • We updated the Hogia payroll format, so that it matches the newest supported format.

  • We resolved an issue with manual supplements not being deleted and removed maximum setting in supplements, so that the amount is always more accurate.

  • We resolved an issue with the expected behaviour of templates: now when you select to delete all shifts before applying a template, it will only delete shifts in the chosen filters.

  • We resolved an issue with the shift type setting “Overwrite when applying a template”, which did not work when deselected, so that now shift types that have this setting deselected will never be overwritten by a template.

Mobile - General

  • We have made significant reengineering work on the Punch Clock to make it more performant and enhance the stability and performance of the Apps. These changes are completely transparent for you and the functionality remains the same.

  • Some improvements were also made to how the App updates changes made in punch clock settings. Punch clock settings will now update on pull to refresh from the Overview tab.

  • The autogenerated content when replying to a message has been improved


  • Fixed the neutral state on Events.

  • Fixed a crash when saving images from messages locally on your phone.


  • Fixed a crash related to some punch clock setups.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in some managers not being able to create new shifts.

  • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect navigation bar to be shown in the Schedule for some users.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in some shifts not showing up for the employee in Your Hours.

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