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July 2020 Release notes
July 2020 Release notes
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Summer is almost over and for some countries, school is about to start.
While you were enjoying some well-deserved relaxation time, we wrapped up new features for you to be well prepared to jump right back into working smarter, not harder.


  • Added the option to make Custom text fields, from Employee details, visible in Schedule

Information is most valuable if provided to you where you need it. When scheduling your employees, details like license plates, t-shirt size, phone number, or email address might influence our decisions. Or maybe you'd just like more information to be readily available on the Schedule.
Custom fields for the Employee form setup you can now be used to show the information you need in your Schedule, as text, through Text fields or Related fields.
Simply create a new Text field for the information you want to show in Settings > People > Employee form setup. Then navigate to Settings > Schedule > General > Names on the Schedule, find the Department you need, and then tap the edit ✏️from the right side of the new field you just created inside the display box. You will see all the text fields available in the Fields section to the left.

The Custom text field will be visible in the Employees view, for the Schedule for the Department you chose to add it to.
You should keep in mind that creating and editing Custom fields is restricted through access levels (Security groups). and that you can always reach out to our support team for assistance if you need to.

  • Improved the management of Employee Overview list

Sometimes speed is key when accessing information, which is why we've made 2 additions to the Employee Overview list:
→ you can now quickly search for an employee using their Tax ID. This expands the search options for your employee list to First or Last name, Email address, Salary identifier, and Tax ID.
→ you can add show true/false (yes/no) Custom fields in your employee list, which can be particularly useful if you need to have a quick overview of which of your employees has a driver's license (or owns a car or has a particular certification), for instance.
If you need to add a new true/false field you can follow this quick guide.

Here's an example of how it could look like in the overview list, from People > Employees.

  • Added a View only for Employee Details

When your HR managers need access to information from an employee's profile, they go to People > Employees > find the employee in question and tap the edit icon (✏️).
Previously, if a manager has the right access permission they could see and/or edit the information on an employee's profile. At times, this could lead to accidental changes and end up causing headaches for that employee, until fixed. The new View-only permission for HR managers will help minimize the risk of information getting lost or changed by accident.
This would also give you the opportunity to have a new Security group for HR managers that can view, but not manipulate employee data.
If this is a feature you would like to use, please contact our support team to have it enabled.

  • Added support for Greek 🇬🇷

Planday is now also available in Greek.
As a reminder, you change the language settings for your profile menu:

→ on the web client, you can Edit your profile settings from the top right corner menu. Then simply select your preferred language and click Save.

→ Similarly, on the mobile app, you can change your language settings from Account > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Language.

  • From 12.08.2020: Adding support for Accrued Vacation for Denmark-based customers. (DK only)

With September fast approaching and the new Danish Holiday Act taking effect soon, the Accrued Vacation extension to how Vacation is managed in Planday will become available for danish customers.
As a reminder, the new Danish Holiday Act will mean that your employees will earn vacation days, based on how much they work (within and accrual period of 12 months) and can take vacation days based on what they've earned (within and spending period of 16 months).
You can create new vacation accounts to automatically add up the vacation days earned by your employees and easily manage their vacation requests. Go to Settings > Absence, Vacation, Overtime to set up an accrued vacation account to be ready for September.

  • Increased stability for Messaging in Network portals

You can rely on Planday's Messaging in Network portals to reach the relevant employees and managers, as you would on a stand-alone portal. This side of the Messaging feature has now increased stability and benefits from performance improvements.
You can read more about how to use the Messaging feature in Planday, in this article.

  • iZettle GO integration

You can now import your iZettle Go data from the light version of the POS (point of sale) system to Planday. This complements the existing iZettle Pro integration to Planday.
The iZettle Go integration allows you to import revenue data into Planday, so you can compare it with Schedule costs or other revenue data.
Once connected to Planday, your sales data will be available almost in real-time (updated every 5 minutes). You can connect your iZettle Go account and start importing data by following this guide.


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.7.0) or iOS (6.7.0).

We focus continuously on improving your experience, here's what the newest update for the Planday app brings you:

Android - version 6.7.0

  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistencies between how 00:00 AM and 12:00 AM were shown in the Schedule or when editing Shifts.

  • Ensured that an employee's name is displayed correctly with their avatar.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a Shift status from being shown correctly after a swap, handover, or sell request was completed, in Your hours.

  • Ensured that the Schedule Notes and the Hide day option behave as expected across all Android devices.

  • Fixed an issue that blocked access to the Time off feature, from Account > Time off.

  • Ensured that Schedule positions are displayed in the correct order

  • Fixed an issue that caused avatar initials to be shown incorrectly for some Employees.

  • Ensured that the visibility to everyone remark about Schedule Notes referring, correctly, to the Headline of the note, in all scenarios.

iOS - version 6.7.0

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Breaks, accessed through Your shift and Your hours, from being showed according to the preferred Language from Settings.

  • Improved performance and app stability for Messages.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash when signing in, in very rare cases.

  • Ensured that after reading a message, the app will correctly redirect you back to your Inbox.

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