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January 2021 Release notes
January 2021 Release notes
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Updates wrapping up January:

  • Naming update for Vacation accounts (to Absence Accounts) and for Vacation & Overtime requests (to Absence Requests)

  • More info available in the Schedule Statistics report

  • Improved management for Vacation requests, aligning with Department access restrictions

  • Added support to delete Accrued vacation accounts (DK & UK only)

    (details below)

- no recent updates -


Naming update for Vacation accounts and Vacation & Overtime requests

The menu entries from Schedule > Vacation accounts and Schedule > Vacation & Overtime requests are being updated.


- Vacation accounts will be replaced by Absence accounts, and

- Vacation & Overtime requests will switch to Absence requests

This update brings no other changes.

More information available in the Schedule Statistics report

The Schedule Statistics reports can give you the data you need to make smarter scheduling decisions.

And now they can also carry information about the approved status of a Shift and the comments attached to that shift (if any).

This comes as an addition to the already available data gathered hourly or by shift per employee, for example.

You can find out more about the Schedule statistics report, in this article.

The new fields for your Schedule Statistics report are:

  • Is approved - referring to each shift in the report. If a shift is approved the entry will be true, and if it's not, the entry will be false, respectively.

  • Manager comment & (shift) Comment - will hold the Shifts notes or remarks from your managers or employees, for that Shift.
    The Manager comment column requires a permission level that allows editing in the Schedule (e.g. Admin or Schedule manager. More details about permissions, here).

Please note that if the Manager comment and the (shift) Comment columns are fields that you need in your reports, you will need to reach out to our support team to have this enabled for your organization.

Improved management for Vacation requests, aligning with Department access restrictions

In order to maintain consistency across Planday, in terms of Department restrictions, Vacation requests (soon Absence requests) will now align with what access permissions a manager has when handling requests for their employees.

This also applies for Primary Department permissions.

As a reminder, with the right Permission level, you can edit or grant Department access from People > Employees > open Quick-edit view for the Employee you want to edit Permissions for, by clicking on their name on the list.

Added support to delete Accrued vacation accounts (DK & UK only)

If your organization is using Accrued vacation accounts (or other accounts from the improved Vacation management part of Planday), you should know that the ability to delete vacation accounts has been (re-)added.

You can delete your vacation accounts from Schedule > Vacation accounts (soon, Absence accounts) or from People > Employees > Edit Employee details > Vacation tab.

Once you click on the 🗑 icon to Delete the account you'll see a message to confirm your action, as once deleted, the account cannot be restored.


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.14.0) or iOS (6.14.0).

A new app version is currently in the works and will be out soon.

If you want to revisit the features released in the current app version, you can check out this article.

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