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February 2021 Release notes
February 2021 Release notes
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Updates completed and released in February:

  • Support for Revenue reports for selected Departments

  • Support for Schedule Filters persisting throughout a login session and in-between sessions

  • Absence - Accrued Vacation additional updates (DK only):
    Support for defining an accruing period for employee absence accounts
    Accruing rate unit conversion no longer supported
    Support for hours/year as Accruing rate

  • Support for attachments in mobile messaging

  • Ensured language preference is respected across the Planday app

  • Warning for no or poor internet connection

Support for Revenue reports for selected Departments

Until recently, you could see details revenue and costs reports for one Department or all. Now, you can choose which Departments to include or exclude from your revenue reports.

Under Reports > Revenue, you can select which departments to gather payroll costs and revenue data in one report, to assess the performance of a selected group of departments.

As a reminder, the exporting data including payroll costs and revenue data requires Admin permission (more details about permissions in this article).

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Support for Schedule Filters persisting throughout a login session and in-between sessions

If you are using Filters when viewing your Schedule, you might notice that you no longer need to re-apply your filters every time you navigate back to your schedule.

To allow you to work smarter, not harder, we've added support for filters persisting throughout a login session and even in between sessions, if you log out.

Filters will remain in place if you:

  • Navigate to different areas of Planday and come back to Schedule

  • Log in or out​ (with the same user)

  • Switching back to a previously used network portal​

  • Close and reopen your browser or tab

Please note, this does not apply if you switch between browsers or users while using Planday.

Absence: Accrued vacation additional updates (DK only)

1. Support for defining an accruing period for employee absence accounts

Depending on your needs for managing absence for your employees, you can now pre-define an accruing period for an employee's account.

This can mean either setting a start date & end date to the employee account, upon creating it or using the pre-set default dates (which will match the commonly used dates for the vacation period/year according to the local regulations).

Setting a start date will allow you to automatically account for the hiring date for a new employee, while the end date will provide the option to consider the termination date for an employee or whether an employee needs to switch from one absence account to another.

Please note that when creating multiple employee accounts at once, the end date will be pre-set according to your template settings. You can change the end date after the account has been created, by click on Edit for that account.

2. As a precautionary measure, unit conversion is no longer possible.

This means that if you have created an Accrued vacation account (template) with an accruing rate in Days, you cannot switch to Hours while editing the account.

This is meant to prevent accidental changes to your absence accounts or miscalculations.

3. Support for hours/year as Accruing rate

For Accrued vacation accounts, it is now possible to set a rate of accrual that accumulates hours per year and a maximum allowance of a set number of hours per year.

With an accrual rate like that, the number of hours corresponding to the rate will be added once per year.

As a reminder, you can set the Accruing rate and Max. Allowance for an Accrued vacation account when creating a new one, from Settings > Absence, Overtime, Vacation > Account types > Create.


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.15.0) or iOS (6.15.1).

The new version adds support for:

  • Upload, send & remove attachments in Message
    This completes a series of updates for the Messages section of the app, which will soon be available for everyone.
    You can read more about Messaging through the Planday app in this article, which also includes details about the recent updates.

  • Ensured that all sections of the App respect the language preference set, including Time-off requests

Android - version 6.15.0

  • Ensured that Create and Edit shift both respect user permissions correctly.

  • Fixed an issue preventing shifts from being created if breaking a working time rule.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Comment field for a Time-off request to function correctly.

  • Ensured app stability on login, removing some issues that caused an application crash on some devices.
    Please note that after updating to the newest version of the Planday app, you might need to log in again.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Punch Clock entries to appear off by a day.

  • Ensured that announcements and chat windows can be closed correctly, without leaving the app.

Please keep in mind that, soon, you will no longer be able to update the Planday app on devices using iOS 12 (or lower).

We recommend updating your iOS version to iOS 13 (or higher), if possible.

You can read more about supported devices in this article.

Kiosk app for iPad

Make sure to use the latest version available for iPad Kiosk App (1.5.0)

  • Added support for warning when there is no or a poor Internet connection

The app will now notify you when there is no internet connection,

This should help identify login errors faster and give you a clear indication of whether a poor or no internet connection is preventing you or your employees from punching in.

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