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Flow Hospitality Training integration – Setup guide with Planday
Flow Hospitality Training integration – Setup guide with Planday

Push employee data to Flow Hospitality Training

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If you are using Flow Hospitality Training as your training and development solution you can easily manage your users through Planday to avoid maintaining both systems. The integration automatically pushes the necessary employee information every night to Flow where it creates, updates, or deactivates that user. If you are a new Flow customer, you can Push all your employees in one click from Planday to create them instantly as users in Flow.

Employee information

Creating or updating users in Flow is based on the following information from Planday:

  • Identifier

  • Forename

  • Surname

  • Branch

  • Jobtitle

  • Email

  • Date of birth

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Department (optional)

Getting started

Prepare Flow hospitality training

Contact the Flow support team to request the following:

  • Create the job titles you use in Planday (this must be done before the integration can be activated).

  • Enable the integration link between Planday and Flow.

  • Your connection details: Flow Company ID, and Flow Secret.

You will also need to enable any relevant settings, e.g. send automatic login emails.

Prepare custom fields in Planday

You'll need to create new custom fields for some of the employee data you want to send from Planday to Flow via Settings > People > Employee form setup. Fields may include Branch, Job title and Department for example.

Branch: The branch code is related to each of your branches in Flow. Since there is no field in Planday that matches the branch, you need to create a new field for it.

Job title: You can use the standard free text field in Planday for the job title. If instead you'd like to have a fixed set of job titles, you can create a new dropdown field containing all the various job titles you will use. This option prevents duplicates of job titles from being created due to typos or different formatting.

Department: While your employees can be assigned to multiple departments in Planday, they can only be assigned to one department in Flow. As a result, you need to create a new field for department.

When creating your new custom fields, remember to set them as required and editable for both Create and Edit employees.

Activate the integration with Flow

Enter connection details

  • Log into Planday and go to Settings > Integrations > Overview.

  • Go to the Flow integration in the E-learning category, and select Add.

Enter the Flow Company ID and the Flow Secret you received from the Flow support team

Integration settings

You can now map which Planday fields to send to the Branch, Job title and Department in Flow. From the dropdown menus choose which fields to send to Flow. Both custom and standard fields will appear.

You'll need to agree with Flow if you will include or exclude emails. If you would like to exclude the emails when you push to Flow, deselect the check box Include employee email addresses. Select Activate to launch the integration. Now, the integration will automatically send and apply the relevant employee info in Flow every night.

Push employees

If you're new to Flow, you can do a quick manual push of all your employees to create them in Flow. After you've activated the integration, select Manage on the Flow integration tile, then Push employees at the bottom of the panel. This will push your employees to Flow all at once.

Select Save or Cancel to close the settings panel. If you already have users in Flow, the Flow system will filter out existing employees by checking the email and name to avoid creating duplicates.

Sync history

Stay up to date about which users are pushed to Flow in the sync history, which you find by clicking on the Show sync history button in the bottom of the settings panel. The sync history gives you an overview of all your Planday users and the time for the last push to Flow. If some users do not have all Flow required fields entered in Planday, they will not be pushed to Flow. Hover the cursor on the red triangle of the relevant user to see what details you need to update in Planday before you run the push again.

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