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How to upload files and notes and share them with employees
How to upload files and notes and share them with employees

Keep relevant documents in one place by uploading files and notes to Planday and sharing them with your employees as needed.

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🎯 For admins and HR managers.

What type of documents can be added to Planday

As an admin, you can share different documents and files in Planday privately with employees or publicly with an Employee group in Planday. A few examples include:

  • Personal documents: These can be manually signed papers, supplement contracts, criminal records, and work permits can be added to individual employee profiles.

  • Contracts: These can be electronically signed records between employees and managers. These include job contracts or device lending contracts.

  • Notes such as comments from a meeting can be attached to an employee's profile. You can then decide on the visibility of the note and keep it private or visible to other managers.

  • General documents such as staff handbooks and policies, manuals, and tutorials can be shared with employees individually or with an Employee group.

Upload personal documents for an employee

You may need to upload private files that only you or the employee can access. These can be HR-related files, such as manually signed documents, supplement contracts, work permits, scans of visa records etc.

You can upload these files inside the employee's profile by going to People > Employees > edit the employee you wish to add the file to > Documents > scroll down to the Files section > click Upload.

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As a manager, you can set values for the expiry of the file and decide if the file should be accessible by the employee or not.

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Please note: To see documents or files you have uploaded to the employee profile, employees must log in via a browser by going to Profile > Edit.

Export a list of documents and their expiry

To see an overview of all uploaded documents and their expiry date, go to Employees > Tools > Document overview.

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In the window that appears, select the desired File types by unchecking All (1). Next, you can select the relevant employees / employee groups (2) and confirm by clicking Export data (3). If any data is available, you will get the option to download a file (4).

Please note: You can only export (personal) files uploaded with a file type under the employee's profile. These file types are not standardised and you can create them under Settings > Contract setup > File types > Create. There is no limit to how many you can create and they can always be edited or deleted at a later date if they are no longer relevant.

This way, you can export a list of the documents uploaded for each employee and the document's expiry date.

Where to upload signed contracts

You can upload signed files between you and the employees such as employment contracts on an employee’s profile. You can use the contract setup function in Planday to create your contracts or upload signed documents manually.

You can get an overview of existing contracts or create new ones by going to People > Contracts.

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Here you can see the status of all contracts including those awaiting action, or signed contracts by employees.

Read more about How to create and send a contract to an employee.

Add notes and feedback on employees

Add shared notes between you and an employee, such as performance reviews or private remarks about an employee that only managers can see.

You can attach a note to an employee by going to People > Employees > edit the employee you wish to add the note to > Documents > scroll down to the Notes section > press Create.

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Give your note a title and compose its content. You can set a due date if the note has an actionable item by a specific day. Marking the note completed makes it no longer visible for action. And most importantly, you can mark if the note should be visible to the employee or admins only. If visible to an employee is selected, you can notify the employee by Planday message or an SMS.

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Depending on the note's visibility, employees can view these notes on Planday by going to their Profile > Edit.

Share general documents with all employees or groups

💡 If you are looking for an alternative for announcements or sharing information, consider the News feature on your dashboard.

As an admin, you can upload public documents that may be relevant for all your team members to view and download. These can be staff handbooks, company policies, user manuals, tutorials, etc. You can also upload files other than documents, such as staff party pictures, menu items, or photos and share them with specific employee groups or teams.

Start by going to People > Documents for an overview of existing files.

Before uploading files, create a new folder under Documents and set which employee groups can access that folder. Then press Upload files to add your shared documents to this new folder.

If you can't see a specific folder, it may be because you're not part of the Employee groups who can access this folder. Check which Employee groups have access to the folder by clicking on the Folder dropdown in the top left corner > Edit folder.

Employees can now view these shared files by going to People > Documents on Planday web or by going to More > Documents > General on the Planday app.

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