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How to synchronise your schedule with an external calendar
How to synchronise your schedule with an external calendar
Follow these steps to sync your Planday schedule with a calendar that supports URL synchronisation.
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What is calendar synchronisation via URL

Planday offers a default calendar URL for synchronisation with external calendars. The external calendar must support synchronisation via URL to synchronise your schedule.

For example, not all Android calendars allow direct synchronisation via calendar URLs. If in doubt, find out in the support area of your provider whether this is possible.

How to synchronise your schedule with an external calendar

To synchronise your shifts with an external calendar, first log into the Planday app and follow these steps:

  1. Tap your profile icon.

  2. Copy the calendar URL to the clipboard.

    1. Android - Tap Copy Link under the Sync with Calendar section.

    2. iPhone - Tap Sync with calendar > Copy calendar link.

The URL will then be copied to your clipboard. In the next step, you must paste it into the desired calendar app or the respective destination on the computer.


Example: Synchronisation with Google Calendar

  1. First, copy the calendar URL as described in the steps above.

  2. Open Google Calendar - Go to from your web browser.

  3. You can bring the URL from the smartphone to the computer. Use a messenger application, email yourself the link, or copy it manually.

  4. In Google Calendar, go to Other Calendars > Press the plus icon ➕ > select From URL.

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Now paste the Planday URL directly into the From URL field, and press Add calendar. Optionally, you can rename this calendar to something appropriate such as Planday Shifts.

💡 Before inserting the calendar URL, ensure that it starts with https:// Otherwise, you will get an error message that the URL is invalid.

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With this step complete, your Planday shifts will now be displayed in your Google Calendar. This can be synchronised with other calendar apps on your phone as required.

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⚠️ Please note that the synchronisation is not instant. Any new shifts assigned to you may not show right away. We recommend using this feature with the Planday app to keep up with your schedule.

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Reach out to the Planday administrator in your company or your direct if you need help using Planday.

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