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How to synchronise your schedule with the iPhone calendar app
How to synchronise your schedule with the iPhone calendar app

Follow these steps to sync your Planday schedule with the iOS Calendar app and get alerts for your upcoming shifts.

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🎯 For Planday app users.

Set up iOS Calendar synchronisation

To synchronise your shifts with the iOS Calendar app first log into the Planday app on your iPhone then follow these steps:

1. Tap your profile icon

2. Press Sync with your calendar option

3. Choose Sync with Calendar option from the list

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4. Press Subscribe when you are asked to add a subscription

5. You will be shown a preview of your calendar, press Add

Your shifts will now be added to the Calendar app and can be found in the Subscribed section under Calendars. By default, you will also get alerts before your shift starts.


💡 For more information, read the article How to synchronise your schedule with an external calendar.

How to refresh the Calendar app

Your iOS may have a pull or fetch setting based on how often it will synchronise an external calendar URL. To manually refresh the iOS Calendar app you can follow these steps:

  • Open the iOS Calendar app.

  • Press Calendars from the bottom of the screen.

  • Swipe down on the list to manually refresh the calendar list.

To view or update your Calendar app’s update frequency on iOS, go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Fetch New Data. Here you can set how often the calendar app should fetch new data, for example, Automatically, Hourly or Every 15 minutes.

💡 If you are experiencing issues with your Calendar app synchronisation, we recommend contacting Apple support.

⚠️ Please note that the synchronisation is not instantaneous, and new shifts you are assigned may not show immediately on your calendar. As such, we recommend using this feature with the Planday app to keep you updated with your schedule.

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Reach out to the Planday administrator in your company or your direct if you need help using Planday.

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