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How to export employee data from Planday
How to export employee data from Planday

Learn about employee data export options using the built-in templates or create custom export settings.

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How to export employee data in Planday

To export employee details in Planday, go to Employees > Tools > Export data menu.

Using the export data tool, you can get tailored reports including employee data from Planday, such as new hires in a time period, deactivated user accounts or the changes made to the employee information.

Data can be downloaded as a report file from Planday, or it can be scheduled to be periodically uploaded to a secure FTP server of your choice.

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On the Export employee details page, you can:

  1. use the Integration templates for exporting Employee details and Employee changes on the right.

  2. see any existing custom report templates under Your employee reports on the left.

  3. make a custom report with information according to your needs by pressing Create report button.

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Create reports

Making a report in Planday doesn't change the stored data. It only lets you select the information you want for a specific time frame.

Export employee information

You can do this by using the Employee details template. In the box that says Employee details, click Create report and set the criteria for your report in the Export data window:

  • select the file format of the report (choose Excel or CSV).

  • select which fields to include.

  • select which departments to include.

  • choose whether deactivated employees should be taken into account and/or whether only employees with changes in a specific period should be included.

An export of all Employees’ data can help you get a comprehensive overview of your employees' personal data stored on Planday.

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Export employee changes report

This report is pulled by using the Employee changes template and making adjustments similar to the screenshot below.

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  • Select All in Created fields.

  • Select All or pick a specific Department.

  • Optionally you can include deactivated employees in this report by selecting the checkbox.

  • Set a period by picking a start and end date of when the changes were made.

  • In the Changed fields you can select first and surname in the report.

The Employee changes report gives you insights into who changed the information for an employee and when. If you are dealing with a suspected data breach, you can use this report as a source for an in-depth review.

Create a reusable custom report to download

You can create and save your own custom report if you need a combination of the available information. This way, you don't have to enter the same settings each time you need to make the report. Press the Create report button on the top right corner to open your report editor.

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You can title the report in the edit window and choose between Download and Automatic SFTP-Export (see next section).

Choose which departments and employee types you want to see on the report, whether you want to include deactivated employees or if you wish to filter by different employee statuses. Alternatively, you can also set a date range to set the scope of your report.

Click Show details in the top right corner to expand the window to set additional fields to include in the report. Finally, click on Create.

The report will then appear on the left side under Your employee reports and can be edited or downloaded by you at any time.

How to upload reports using automatic SFTP export

You can automate the export of your reports using Automatic SFTP export. To do so, select the field in the Export employee report area and click Show details.

Here you can select the export time and days of the week, specify the destination of your reports and choose between the SFTP authentication options Public key or username and password.

If you have also prepared everything for your report under Configure Employee details, confirm by clicking Create.

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