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How to archive or manage gender options in your employee form
How to archive or manage gender options in your employee form

Follow these steps to archive the gender field or add custom gender options in your employee form.

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🎯 For administrators with legacy Planday accounts.

Legacy Planday accounts typically offer only male and female options for selecting gender in the employee setup form. By default, this field is required, meaning that as an admin, you must provide this information, but your employees can also choose.

We've come up with a solution based on feedback that grants both you and your employees more control while still accommodating clients who require this field to be mandatory. Here's how you can adjust your Planday setup with just a few simple steps.

Warning: Archiving the gender field might lead to sync problems with certain payroll or HR integrations. If you use or plan to use an integration, such as Xero, that needs a gender field data to be present, avoid removing this field.

How to archive the current gender field

  • Go to Settings > People > Employee form set-up.

  • Locate the existing Gender field and click on the Archive field button. screenshot.001.png

After archiving, the field will be moved to the Archived fields section at the bottom of the employee form. The legacy choice will no longer be visible on the employee creation or editing form nor in the employee profile settings.

How to create custom gender field options

  • Scroll to the Misc section.

  • Click on the Add field link.

  • Set Type to dropdown to enable admins to add custom gender choices for employees to pick from.

  • Alternatively, set the Type to text to allow employees to input their self-identified gender.

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  • Next, scroll down to the Access levels section

  • Set permissions to allow both admins and employees to edit the custom gender field during profile creation or editing.

  • Choose whether the field should be required or optional to fill out.

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Depending on your configuration, employees can now access their profile via the Planday web or the Planday app to specify their gender preference.


Can I add additional genders to the existing field instead of archiving it?

No. You cannot add extra genders to the existing field directly. Instead, you have two options:

  1. Create a custom field as a dropdown with predefined options for gender.

  2. Add a text option to allow employees to input their preferred gender identity.

If you choose to create a custom gender selection, you should archive the legacy gender field and substitute it with your custom field.

Will archiving the gender field affect any integrations?

Some payroll integrations might need employees to be mapped to a specific gender field. If you use a service that relies on this field, review its syncing requirements before removing it. This ensures that employee data is sent accurately and all necessary fields are included in the sync process.

Can the new gender field be moved back to the Information section?

Once you archive the old gender field, the new custom field can only be placed in sections like Miscellaneous or Payroll.

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