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Manage your employees - basics
Employee management in Planday – Overview
Employee management in Planday – Overview

This article gives you a clear introduction to managing your employees and their data in Planday.

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🎯 If you're an admin or new to Planday, you can also read Understand the structure of Planday.

In Planday, you can manage all your employee data. You can find help from the recruitment of your employees to the end of their contract in the articles How to create, invite and edit employees and How to deactivate or reactivate an employee.

See all Employees

You can manage most of your employee data by visiting People > Employees in the top menu.

You have a list of your employees, including their profile picture/initials, First name, Last name and other information. You can search directly for a specific employee in the search bar. Click on an employee's name to open the Quick edit menu. You can read more about this in How to create, edit and invite employees.

What information you'll see in this page depends on several things:

  • the information you choose in Employee details. If you click on the button called Employee details in the top right corner, you'll open a window where you can define what fields to show in the employee list.

💡 Days since Last shift is useful for making scheduling or staff decisions based on scheduled shifts. You can sort the list based on this field, to identify easily which employees have been away or which have recently been at work.

💡You can switch to a grid view of your employees if you click on the grid symbol next to the button Employee details.

Different ways to see employees

In the column on the left, you'll find an overview of the different Departments, Employee groups, Employee types and Access levels of your Planday.

  • Choose in the top left the Department you want to see. When you've chosen a Department, you can click on the pen next to its name to edit it, or click on the plus sign to create a new Department. You can get more information in the article Create or edit a Department.

  • If the button Managed employees only is toggled on, you'll be able to see only the employees you manage depending on your Access level.

  • You can set other filters in the highlighted menu, like Employee groups, Employee types, or Access levels. Under Misc, you'll find the employees that are not part of any Employee group and the deactivated employees.

💡By clicking on the list icon with the arrow next to the name of the Department you're viewing, you'll hide the side menu if you need to see more information in the employee list.

Employee management tools

In the dropdown menu under Tools, you'll find the following:

  • Export data: Here you can run different reports with employee data. You can learn more about this in Export employee data.

  • Document overview: upload a list of documents filtered by Document types and Employee groups.

  • Send invitations: Send login info to a whole Department at once. You can also invite individual employees.

  • Employee import via template: Create several employees at once. Learn more here.

Additional employee settings

You can navigate to Settings > People to find some additional settings to manage your employees.


Create Employee types, Termination types or manage the automatic deletion of deactivated employees. Learn more in How to deactivate or reactivate an employee.

Employee form set-up

Here, you can set up which sections or fields should show in the employee profile, organise the layout and who should access these fields. Find more information in the article How to modify the Employee form.

Contract rules

By setting Contract rules, you can compare your employees' scheduled hours with their contracted hours. Learn more in Create and apply Contract rules.


Here you can define which fields from the employee profile should be visible to the other employees when they look at the Employee list. Learn more in Employee information: visibility and access settings.


You can create and manage Skills from here. Learn more in the article Set up and use Skills.

Contract set-up

You can create and upload several employee contract templates from here. You can for example have one contract per Employee group. Learn more in Create and upload contract templates and in How to create and send a contract to an employee.

Additional tools to manage your employees

Employee groups and Departments

In the menu under People, you'll find Employee groups and Departments. From here, you can create and manage them and you can bulk add your employees to a Department or Employee group.

Find more information here and here.

When you create an Employee group you can also set a default pay rate and a salary code identifier for your payroll system. Learn more about it in How to set and update your employees' hourly wages.

Contracts and Documents

In the same dropdown menu, you'll find Contracts and Documents. Create and send a contract to an employee and view your contracts awaiting signature. Share some relevant Documents with your team.

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