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How to use Open API to integrate with Planday
How to use Open API to integrate with Planday
Learn how to integrate Planday with your software or online services.
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🎯 If you’re a developer looking to integrate your system with Planday using our Open API, head to to learn about the API’s core functionalities, best practices, and authorization flow.

With Planday's Open API, you can connect Planday with other online services to create a more robust integrated solution that serves customers.

All steps in this guide require Admin level access and an eligible Planday subscription package (Pro or Enterprise).

Connect an Open API app with a known Application ID

If another system's integration setup step instructed you to connect their application to Planday and provided you with an application ID, you can enter it by navigating to Settings > API access > Connect App button.

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Once you insert the application ID provided by the other system and click Save. The app will appear in your application list. To obtain the application's token, click Authorise, review the permissions you're providing to the application, and confirm by clicking Authorise again.

💡 You can copy the app's token from the tile on the Settings page at any time.

Create Open API credentials

The easiest way to get access to Planday's Open API is by creating a new API application. Go to Settings > under the Integrations section click API Access > click Create App.

Add your application's name to the title field and then use the scopes below to determine what data will be accessible through API using the application's credentials. Once you've made your choice, click Save.

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Your new application will show in the application list. The last step is to grant the application access to your data using the Authorise button, then confirm your selected scopes. The application is now authorised, and you can start using the credentials available on the tile.

If you wish to set up the application on several Planday organisations, follow the chapter "Connect an Open API app with a known Application ID" using the APP ID of the application you just created.

Reauthorise an app after deactivating an account

When you deactivate an admin’s account who previously authorised any of your Open API applications, the systems using these credentials will lose access to your Planday data. This is a security measure to keep your data safe.

To reauthorise the Open API applications, open the Settings page, select API access in the left menu and locate affected applications. Next, Authorise the application again and confirm its permission scopes.

⚠️ A new token is going to be generated for the application. You must update the new token value in all systems using the Open API application to access your Planday data.

Need more help?

Head over to where you can find API-specific documentation.
Contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom if you have more questions.

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