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Can I stop marketing notifications from Planday?
Can I stop marketing notifications from Planday?
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Planday sends out communications for marketing and educational purposes such as:

  • Sharing product releases and new features

  • Sending tips on how to improve your business, and how you can get involved in the Planday community to learn from other customers

  • Sending tips on how to use the product more effectively

  • Sharing market research and inviting you to participate in market research, including seeing new features we are working on and asking for feedback on existing features

  • Sharing details of Planday’s Ambassador’s program and how you can get involved

  • Inviting you to our webinars and events

You have the right to remove consent for marketing from Planday.

This removes your consent to receive any type of marketing information from Planday, and you will need to actively opt-in again.

Planday collects and processes personal data, as described in Planday’s Privacy Policy.

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