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Schedule — FAQs and troubleshooting
Schedule — FAQs and troubleshooting

Find answers to frequently asked questions about scheduling and shifts in Planday.

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🎯 For Admins with access to the Schedule.

Create or edit shifts

Read How to create or edit shifts to learn about the basics.

I’m an Admin / Schedule manager and I can’t create shifts for an employee.

There are a couple of settings you can check to resolve this issue.

  • Ensure the employee’s start/hire date in their profile is earlier than the dates you are scheduling them for.

  • Check that the employee is part of an Employee group (job role) by clicking their name in the schedule or under People > Employees.

  • Check if the employee has changed employee group or department and add them again if needed.

  • Check if the employee group the employee belongs to has been deleted. To do this, go to People > Employee groups > Restore employee group.

  • Check if the employee group is hidden. In the Schedule, switch to Groups view, click Manage groups, and press the Show group icon.

  • If your access level has just been updated, you may need to wait up to 15 minutes and log out/in to your Planday account.

  • Ensure the payroll period you’re trying to create the shift for isn’t locked. Read more about this here.

Where can I see who deleted or made changes to a shift?

You can find this information by going to Tools > Schedule history. For more details, read How to see schedule history and edits.

Note: Schedule history does not show:

  • For manual supplements that are added to a shift

  • When an employee puts a shift for sale

You can check changes to an individual shift by clicking on it and going to the History tab.

Schedule templates

Read Create and use Schedule templates to learn about the basics.

I’ve rolled out a Schedule template but two breaks have been applied when only one should.

Check that your template doesn’t include any manual breaks. When you roll out a template, automatic breaks will apply, along with any manual breaks that exist in the template, if there are any.

Note: Automatic breaks (break rules) apply only when the template is rolled out, not within the template itself.

I’ve rolled out a template by mistake and want to revert it to the previous shifts. How do I do this?

It’s currently not possible to undo this action. However, you can go to Tools > Schedule history, check the shifts deleted and recreate them.

I’ve rolled out a template by mistake over xx weeks. I want to delete these xx weeks in one go. How do I do that?

Create a blank template and apply it over the xx weeks that you want to delete. Follow these steps:

  • In the Schedule, go to Templates > Create new.

  • Create a shift and delete it, then click on Save and Close.

  • Go to Templates > Apply template.

  • Choose the option “Delete all and add new shifts”.

I’ve applied a Schedule template for a new starter but the shifts are set to open.

You could be rolling out a template for a week that starts before an employee’s hire date.

Error when loading the Schedule

I have the error message “Time and cost couldn’t be loaded” when I view the Schedule page and I can’t see any payroll costs. There could be different reasons for this.

  1. Multiple active wages:

It could be that one or several employees have 2 active wages on the same date and for the same employee group (job role). To solve this issueTo check if it’s the case,

  • Go to People > Employees and check their wages under their Employment tab.

  • Click on their employee group.

  • Go to the history tab and check the date the wages were set.

  • To solve the issue, set the Valid from date to a date in the past.

2. Misconfigured wages:

There might be a wage that hasn’t been properly configured (e.g., wage value is blank - not 0 or higher or the wage type is not set for one or several employees.

To solve this issue, go to People > Employee groups. Check for any blank wage or any missing wage type and save the wage again.

Exporting the Schedule

Where can I export the Schedule?

You can do this under Schedule > Tools > Export this view. You can export in CSV or PDF formats.

Can I export a 2 week and 4 week schedule view on one page?

This is unfortunately not possible right now. You can only export a weekly schedule view.

Can I export the shifts with the positions?

Yes, it’s possible if you switch to the Positions view and click on Tools > Export this view.

Payroll costs in the Schedule

If you want to see what payroll costs are included in the Schedule, you can read Payroll costs in the schedule - FAQs and troubleshooting.

I can’t see the payroll costs in the Schedule.

There could be a couple of reasons for this.

  • Ensure you’ve enabled the option “Payroll hours & costs” under View settings in the Schedule.

  • It might be related to your access level. Reach out to your manager to confirm if you have the right access level to see the payroll costs.

One of my employees shows no payroll costs in the Schedule.

1. For Hourly employees:

Ensure you’ve assigned a wage and the “Valid from” date set for this wage is correct under People > Employees.

2. For salaried employees:

Check if No allocation is enabled in their salary settings under People > Employees > Employment tab > Edit salary.

3. Shift type issue:

If one of the employee’s shifts has a shift type, ensure the option “Count hours in payroll report” is ticked for this shift type, under Settings > Schedule > Shift types.

4. Wage type mismatch:

If the employee is salaried but their employee group is set as Wage per shift, Planday cannot calculate an hourly wage. To resolve this issue,

  • go to People > Employees

  • click on the employee’s name

  • under “Employee groups”, click on the pen icon and set the Wage type as 'Hourly wage', making sure to select a past date from which this rate should be valid.

I’ve changed an employee’s wages but it’s not reflecting in the payroll costs in the Schedule. Why is it so?

You can check the following:

  • Ensure the Valid from date of the wage is correct in the employee’s profile, under the Employment tab > Employee groups.

  • Check that the payroll period is not locked under Payroll > Lock date range for payroll. If you’re an admin, ask Support to unlock it if needed.


If you’re having an issue with break rules, manual breaks or Punch Clock breaks, see the article on Breaks - FAQs and troubleshooting.


I can’t see the bank holidays in the Schedule.

  • Make sure that you’ve enabled the option “Bank holidays / Leave” under View settings in the schedule.

  • Also, check that the bank holiday is in the Bank holiday calendar.

Where can I see who deleted or made changes to a shift?

You can find this information by going to Tools > Schedule history.

Note: Schedule history is not showing:

  • For manual supplements that are added to a shift

  • When an employee puts a shift for sale

One of my employees can’t request an open shift.

You can check the following:

  • The employee must belong to the employee group the open shift is for.

  • If the open shift has a shift type, make sure that the option “Allow booking” is enabled in this shift type’s settings by going to Settings > Schedule > Shift types.

I don’t want my employees to see specific shift types, for example, sick on the schedule. Is there a way to hide specific shift types from employees?

Unfortunately, you can’t hide specific shift types from employees. If you want to hide shifts with a type like "sick," a workaround is to create a sick leave policy under Settings > Leave & Overtime > Policies.

Tips: You can try the following:

  • Contact Support to hide all shift types for all users or specific access levels.

  • Contact Support to remove access to the Schedule for users, allowing employees to see only their own shifts.

  • Leave a note in the shift and reach out to Support to restrict its visibility to the assigned employee.

  • Leave an administrative note in the shift, visible only to users who can create and edit shifts (schedule managers).

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