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All Gravy integration – Setup guide with Planday
All Gravy integration – Setup guide with Planday

Read this article to follow the steps for setting up Planday and All Gravy.

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All Gravy is re-engineering salary for shift workers by helping them make the most out of their salary. They enable them to access their salary as soon as they earn it, but then also give them the tools to reach their financial goals.

Integrating with All Gravy is quick and easy. Follow the guide and you will be set up in less than 10 minutes.

Dataflow Diagrams

At All Gravy there are 2 different data flows; the onboarding flow and the ongoing flow.

Onboarding - Data Flow


Ongoing - Data flow


How to setup All Gravy

Integration with Planday on the All Gravy Organisation Side

If you are not a customer yet, contact the All Gravy team for a demo.

  • To integrate with Planday, log into When you have logged into your account, click on Integrations.

  • Now you are taken to the integration side. Select Add Integration.

  • Select Planday from the dropdown and click OK.

  • When you have clicked OK, Planday will show up as an integration like this:

  • To fill in the fields Client and Token, head over to your own Planday account and select Settings.


Now you should see this overview:

  • Hereafter, scroll down on the left-hand side until you find Integrations and API access and click.

  • In the API Access, click Connect App and add Butters Application ID which is: 3157e2ce-f44b-4ec6-adc6-da81437497f5

  • Click Save in the bottom right corner.

  • After adding the AllGravy Application ID, add a name to the API (could be All Gravy) and confirm.

  • Go back to the All Gravy organization site (

  • Go back to the Integration site on All Gravy. Fill in the two fields, Client and Token.

In the Client field, add the All Gravy Application ID which you used before: 3157e2ce-f44b-4ec6-adc6-da81437497f5

In the Token field, copy the token which was created in Planday before hand (hover over the token dots to copy):

  • When you have inserted the All Gravy Application ID in Client and token in Token, it should look like this. Click Connect.

  • If it has been connected successfully, an alert in the top right corner should appear:

  • Hereafter the All Gravy app should show up on your page in Planday as shown below.

Done! You have now successfully added Planday as integration to All Gravy.

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