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How to change a vacation year start date on an Absence account
How to change a vacation year start date on an Absence account

Read about how to change a vacation year start date if your employee starts later than the start date stated in the Leave account.

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Once you have created an Absence account under Settings > Leave and overtime > Account templates and assigned it to your employees, the start date can no longer be changed for everyone at once. As soon as the account is in use, it is "locked" in several areas, including the start date.

Change the absence start date for an individual employee

If you need to change the start date for an individual employee, this can be done by going to Employees > select the employee > Edit > go to the Leave overview (or Absence overview) tab. You select the account in question and press to open it - or edit it via the pencil on the far right.

Here you can adjust the start date of the accruing period in the left box for “Period”. For employees hired later than the original start date, the start date should be the same as the employment date.

Note that the changes here affect only the selected employee. You can also change the end date if desired. This may be relevant if, for example, the employee stops working and you don't wish their account to accrue further leave.

Change of start date on an Absence account via Absence accounts overview page

You can also choose to change the start date on an Absence account via the Absence accounts overview page for an employee. Go to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts). Here you can use the search function, find the employee and tap anywhere on the line you want to edit.

Change of start date on an Absence accounts for multiple or all employees

When you create an Absence Account, you can choose whether it should be renewed automatically. Most people choose this so that they do not have to worry about setting up a new absence account year after year. In this case, the system will automatically create a new Absence account so that there is an active and a future Absence account on the employee. As the consumption period is usually longer than the accrual period, employees may request leave from the next account where they still have vacation days from the old account.


You have created an absence account valid 01/01/21 - 31/12/21 and a new account has been created with a validity of 01/01/22 - 31/12/22 automatically, based on the setting "renew automatically". The employee begins to request vacation from the latter vacation account in 2022.

As an administrator and employee, you really want to spend the oldest holiday first, and therefore you can solve this by changing the accrual period and spending period. To change the start date of the year to 01/02/22, in addition to having to change the spending period for that original account, you must first:

1. Export absence requests from 01/01/22 - 31/12/22 as backup

Go to Schedule > Absence requests (or Leave requests) > Export > Absence report (or Leave report)

You will then be given the option to specify which periods and Absence requests you want to see, depending on the status, absence account type and departments.

2. Reject requests from 01/01/22 - 31/12/22. See How to Approve or Decline absence requests from employees

3. Delete all Absence accounts with the validity period 01/01/22 - 31/12/22

Unfortunately, you cannot delete several Absence accounts at once, so the only thing you can do is delete individually via Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) and press the delete icon as shown below:

4. Create the Absence Account with validity 01/02/22 - 31/01/23. Read more on How to set up accrued Absence accounts

5. Re-request all absence requests for 2022 by using the newly created Absence Account for 01/02/22 - 31/01/23. Use the list of absence requests you have generated from point 1. Read more on How to request absence on behalf of an employee.

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