How to apply for leave or absence
Request for leave, utilise your time off or apply for holidays from the Planday app!
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🎯 This article is for employees using the Planday app or the web to request time off. Are you an Admin looking to register leave on behalf of an employee?

In Planday, leave from work requests are supported if your manager or admin has set up an absence account for you. Different leave rules for requesting leave from work will apply depending on your company and country. Planday makes it easy to see available balances and request time off from the app.

💡 Requesting leave is not the same as reporting Unavailable. If you want to signal to your manager that you prefer to be assigned to shifts on certain days or not, the Set availability function can be helpful to indicate your wishes.

How to request leave from the Planday app

📱 The following process is valid for both Android and iOS devices. Slight differences in the UI are described in the article.

To make a leave request from the Planday app, press More, then Time off for an overview of your Absence account balance. Press Request (or + on Android) at the top right to create a new leave request.

💡 If you have more than one absence account, you can choose which account you want to use for this request.

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Press the first and last date of your leave period and press Next (oron Android) in the top right corner to go to the next step. Once the period is selected, you can see an overview of your request, add a comment if you want, and see the cost of each day in your request. Press Send (oron Android) from the top right corner to submit your request.

Your recently sent request will appear under Pending requests until a manager takes action to approve or deny the request.

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💡 Your manager will receive your request to be off and can approve or reject the request. You can always check your existing requests on the Time off screen or cancel a pending request if you feel you no longer need the off.

How to request leave from Planday web

You can also make leave requests by logging into Planday from a web browser and going to Home > Your leave overview > Accounts.

Press Request leave and follow the two-step process to request a leave. Note that you can request half-day leave by inputting 0.5 as the day's value. (Option to request half-day leave is available only via the web platform and not the app)

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To see the status of your past or current leave requests, switch to the Requests tab from Home > Your leave overview > Accounts page.

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Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Reach out to the Planday administrator in your company or your direct if you need help using Planday.

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