Please note: This article covers setup of overtime with our Quickbooks integration only. For a full Quickbooks setup guide, see the following article.

Overtime Setup

Once a Shift has been approved in Planday, it will automatically synchronise with Quickbooks. All hours in Planday will be imported as Regular hours. First, go to Weekly timesheet to check the imported hours: '+ > Weekly Timesheet'.

In the example shown, 47 hours were imported. Select Save at the bottom right of the screen, then go to: '+ > Payroll'

If needed, you can split up the Regular hours and the Overtime hours. In this example we want to pay out 40 regular hours, and the remaining hours as overtime. To do so, change “Regular pay HRS” to 40 and manually enter 7 hours in the field for “OT HRS”.

If you are missing the column “OT HRS”, please ensure you have enabled the Overtime pay type for your employees in Quickbooks by following this guide. Now you can Preview payroll and continue as usual. This process should be repeated for every employee.

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