Document signature in Planday is governed by the same authentication and security measures, for an employee, as  all the data accessible within their accounts, in Planday. While Planday is a tool to enable communication between an employer and their employees, and not an official document management or electronic signature platform, accessing documents and contracts associated with their account does not require any further authentication beyond a regular employee login to the system (with their username and password).

Additionally, physically signed contracts can be uploaded and shared directly to an employee's Planday profile.  

Planday takes no responsibility in the compliance of legal document for your own business. It is your legal obligation to ensure that how you choose to sign and store employment contracts is compliant with the legislation in your jurisdiction.

To help you with that, Planday has received the following advisory opinions on our in-product document signature process:

  1. From Danish lawyer

  2. From Norwegian laywer

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