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How to use the Supervisor feature
How to use the Supervisor feature
Set up notifications for leave requests and other types of HR-related requests that should go to the supervisor of an employee.
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🎯 For Planday admins, HR and Schedule admins with limited access to some departments and who should only receive the requests of the employees they manage.

This feature is included in the Plus plan and up.

What is the Supervisor feature?

The Supervisor feature allows you to set up notifications for leave requests, HR-related or shift requests that go to the supervisor of an individual employee rather than to all managers in a department.
It also allows you to add extra filtering on Leave requests (or Absence requests) and Punch Clock entry approvals of the employees you supervise.

Choose the supervisors and assign a supervisor to an employee

Once this feature is enabled on your Planday, you can see two new fields in the employee form setup:

  • Supervisor

  • Is Supervisor

Go to Settings > People > Employee form set-up, find both fields and configure the visibility and settings of your two new fields by clicking on the edit icon.


Then, if you go to the employees’ form you can select which employees are supervisors, or who is their supervisor. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Head to People > Employee > Edit employee > Personal details tab (1).

  2. In the Address etc section, you’ll see two new fields:

    • Is Supervisor – Select this box ONLY if the employee is a supervisor (2).

    • Supervisor – choose the supervisor for this employee from the dropdown list (3).

💡Only one supervisor can be selected at a time for one employee.

supervisor profile_new.001.jpeg

Set up notifications for supervisors

As soon as at least one employee is selected as supervisor, you’ll find a new option in Settings (1) > Your organisation > Notifications (2):

  • Supervisor for the individual employee (3). Select this option so that supervisors receive notifications for leave requests, etc.

supervisor for indiv employee.001.jpeg

💡You can send the notification as a message or SMS (if you choose the last option, please be aware that charges for SMS apply).

Use the supervisor filter

Use this filter to narrow down the holiday requests and the Punch Clock entries for specific supervisors to act upon.

For example, you’re a supervisor for 5 employees in your department. If you only want to see the Punch Clock entries of the employees you supervise, go to Schedule > Punch Clock (1.) > select your name in the supervisor filter (2.).

punch clock entries supervisor.001.jpeg

Likewise, if you only want to see the Leave requests of the employees you supervise, go to Schedule> Leave requests (1.) > click on the Filters (2.) button and select your name in the list of supervisors (3.).

leave requests supervisor filter.001.jpeg

How to disable the supervisor option

The supervisor option cannot be disabled after being activated, however, you can archive both supervisor fields directly in the employee form setup if you no longer want to use it. To archive the fields, go to Settings > People > Employee form set-up, then click on Archive field buttons on the rows of the Supervisor fields.


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