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How to switch accounts on your Planday app
How to switch accounts on your Planday app

Learn how to switch accounts if you use Planday with two different employers.

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When you’re logged into one of your Planday accounts, from the Overview screen, you can switch to another Planday account by following these steps:

  • Press on your Profile icon (1.)

  • Press on Switch account or log out (2.)

  • Press on Add to add your other Planday account (3.)

    • Enter the Planday URL of this account. The URL address is typically in the following format:

    • Enter your username and your password for this account

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You’ll then be logged into the new account.

Going forward, to switch between accounts, tap your profile icon > Press Switch account or log out (1.) and press on the account you’d like to log into (2.).

You’ll always see what account you’re logged into at the top of your screen.

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