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Clover integration – FAQs and troubleshooting
Clover integration – FAQs and troubleshooting

Find answers and tips around your integration with Clover.

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🎯 For Admins. To learn how to setup the integration with Clover, go here. Learn more about working with revenue in Planday here.

Setting up the integration

Where can I use the Clover integration?

The supported regions are European Union, USA and Canada.

The Clover login page does not appear – What can I do?

Check your browser settings: The login page can not appear if you are blocking popup windows.

I see a “Your setup is incomplete” error message – What can I do?

The setup is incomplete if no value is selected for Start import at or Get data from the past, or when mappings are not completed in the merchant mapping section. Complete all steps required to be able to continue.

How do I deactivate the integration?

Go to Settings > Integrations > Overview > Find Clover > click Options > Revoke Access. All scheduled import jobs will be canceled, previously imported revenue will not be overwritten.
You can also remove connections with single merchants.

Working with the integration

My revenue data is not importing. What can I do?

  • Ensure there is at least one shift in the Schedule on each day revenue should be imported. Revenue can only be imported for business days.

  • In the mapped revenue units (Settings > Revenue), make sure that Enter daily revenue is selected.

  • Double-check if your Clover merchants are mapped to the right revenue units of relevant Planday Departments.

  • Check the import time – The daily imports start at the time you define under Start import at.

A merchant needs to be reconnected

In the Merchants section, a status will indicate that it needs to be reconnected. To do so, click on the merchant > sign in > select the correct merchant. Once completed, the status will switch.

During the period when a merchant needs to be reconnected, its revenue is not imported into Planday. This means you might see unusually low revenue shown in your schedule. To solve this, after reconnecting, increase the number of days under Get data from the past to overwrite the values.

The revenue imported to Planday doesn’t match with what is shown in Clover

Check if all connections show the status Connected. Payments related to disconnected merchants will not be imported.

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.
Contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom if you have more questions.

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