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How to punch in or out using a web browser
How to punch in or out using a web browser

Learn how to punch in or out to your shifts on Planday web.

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🎯 For employees using Punch Clock on web.

Punch in and out on Planday web

Your organisation may have set up a dedicated computer or tablet for punching in and out of shifts at the workplace. From this device, go to Here you get to choose your organisation and then click Continue.

You can also use another device, as long as it’s connected to the correct workplace network. When in doubt, please ask your manager.

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  • In the column on the left, you see all colleagues that are scheduled for work today.

  • In the middle, all colleagues that have already punched in today are listed.

  • On the right, you see other colleagues that are not scheduled for work today.

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To punch in, select your name, enter your Planday login credentials and click Punch in.

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Add notes when punching in (optional)

When you clock in for your shift, you have the option to leave Notes. This can be useful if you're starting early, arriving late, or wish to provide feedback about the shift. Your manager will review this note when approving your shift.

Why leave a note?

  1. Reason for being late: If you're running late for your shift, you can leave an explanation when you clock in.

  2. Reason for staying overtime: If you stayed over your scheduled hours, you may want to let your manager know why you stayed overtime when punching out from your shift.

  3. Shift specifics: You might leave comments about specific details of your shift, such as tasks you worked on or any special considerations.

  4. Issues or concerns: If you encounter any issues during your shift or have concerns that need attention, you can use comments to communicate these to your manager.

  5. Feedback: You can also leave positive feedback, mood, or comments about your shift, colleagues, or the work environment.

How to punch in with a PIN code

You can either use your Planday password or a PIN code to punch in. To set up or edit your PIN code, on Planday web, go to your profile > Edit > Punch Clock PIN. Remember to hit Save.


Note: PIN codes can only be added or updated from your profile on the web.

Why can’t I open

A likely reason is that the IP address of your company’s internet service provider has changed – as a result, the connection to Punch Clock is lost. Another reason could be that the device you want to use is not connected to the right network any more. In both cases, please inform your admin who can solve the problem.

Why do I see several organisations to choose from?

In that case, more than one Planday organisation uses the same network for Punch Clock. Simply select your organisation to proceed.

How to punch in for an extra shift

Suppose you’re not on the schedule but are working; clock in by using Punching for not scheduled work. Next, choose the Department where you belong and press Punch In. You have the option to add a comment for your manager about this extra unscheduled shift. It’s best practice to let your manager know before starting an unscheduled shift.

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Why can’t I see the "Punching for not scheduled work" option?

The ability to punch in for an extra shift needs to be enabled by your Planday admin.

Punch in and out for breaks

As an employee, you can register your break if your manager has enabled Punch Clock breaks on your shift. Start your shift by clocking in and when it is time for a break, hit Start break. To end the break, you have to follow the same process by selecting your name in the Working column, log-in with your credentials, and then you’ll see the End break button.

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Please note:
You must be clocked into your shift before punching out for a break.
If you cancel your break within 2 minutes after punching in, it will not be recorded.

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