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Set up Punch Clock for use on a web browser
Set up Punch Clock for use on a web browser

This article walks you through setting up your Punch Clock for use on a web browser, allowing your employees to clock in and out themselves.

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What is Punch Clock?

In Planday, you have two options for recording employee attendance and punctuality using the Punch Clock feature.

  1. You can restrict punch-ins to specific IP addresses by setting up WiFi access. Employees can only clock in from approved locations via the website. This method is suitable for tablets or on-site check-in stations.

  2. Alternatively, you can allow employees to clock in and out using the Planday app on their mobile devices. This method can be combined with approved WiFi access and specific locations where your business operates.

Configure WiFi Access

This solution enables employees to clock in and out using a web browser when they are on-site simply by visiting

Follow these steps to enable this functionality:

  • Log in to your Planday account from a computer on a network your employees will be clocking in and out.

  • Go to Settings > Punch Clock section > Access, then WiFi access > Add.

  • Set a name for your location.

  • Search for your current IP address on a web browser on the network where your employees will be clocking in and out. You can use Google or to find out your current external IP address.

    • Add this IP address in the IP address field.

  • You can also add an optional description for example: "Punch Clock for East Office Reception".

  • Confirm by clicking Save.

Once the IP address is registered, your employees can log in and out through using their Planday email address and password, as long as they're connected to the internet via the registered IP address (WLAN network).

If your business operates in multiple locations, you can add the IP addresses of these locations to ensure employees can clock in and out there as well.

Allow 15 minutes before your employees can punch in via after setting up the new IP address.

What to do if your IP address is not recognised

  • If you cannot access, your dynamic IP address has probably changed. Many internet service providers change their dynamic IP addresses from time to time. You may need to update your IP address in Punch Clock.

  • It could also be because you’re using a private non-routable IP address. You would need to use a public one. IP addresses between – are not unique and designed for private use.

What should I do if my employees can’t clock in or out?

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