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February 2024 Product updates
February 2024 Product updates
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At Planday, we constantly improve features to make shift work more human. We want to keep you up-to-date on what's new in our product. Explore the overview of recent updates we've released and those that are coming soon.

Some of these features may be limited to select Planday organisations or regions, with full availability gradually extending to all. If you are interested in trying something early, reach out to our support team.

Planday web updates:

New Discover tab

Exciting news for admins and managers new to Planday! The Get Started widget has transformed into the Discover tab, providing a clear roadmap for navigating Planday. From setting up basics to managing shifts and intro to our tracking time functionality, new admins and managers can quickly learn the ropes and orient themselves with Planday.

When your employees visit this page, they'll see a simplified version and a gentle reminder to download the Planday app. screenshot.001.png

Log in to Planday and switch to the Discover tab to explore more.

A new way to edit wages in bulk

Good news for admins handling recurring wage adjustments! We've introduced a more efficient way to update wages, which is especially useful for businesses needing to adhere to annual wage rate increases. You can now directly edit hourly wages for employees from the Employees page.

Go to People > Tools > Edit wages and utilise the filters to select employee types and departments for using this tool. screenshot.001.png

Overhauled Revenue and Budgeting feature for better insights

The Revenue page has been revamped with a fresh look and improved feature set, maintaining its core functions.*

Business managers focused on cost efficiency can input and analyse revenue, budget, and payroll cost data to improve staffing costs and profitability. This feature is designed for users relying on ePOS systems sending revenue data or manual input into Planday.

You can find it in Planday by going to Reports > Revenue. screenshot.004.png

* Initially limited to select Planday organisations with full availability coming to all.

Leave management updates

Leave Account Templates renamed to Policies — To help you and new admins see familiar and easy-to-understand terms, we have renamed Leave account templates to Policies across Planday. This is only a name change and does not impact your existing set-up of leave.

Guided absence setup — The Leave accounts page now has a guided setup if you have not set up leave yet. This allows you to set up the leave centrally from the Leave accounts page. If you already have leave set up, you now have a dropdown to easily Create a new leave account for an employee or manage your existing leave policies from the same page.

Set up your company’s leave policies in Planday by going to Schedule > Leave accounts screenshot.001.png

Get to know leave management in Planday

Policy suggestions (UK only) — Leave policy suggestions, if available, will be presented to you when creating a policy. If no local policies are available, you will be asked to set up a custom policy. This is for admins looking to align with common leave rules for their region. If none of the suggested policies suits your needs, you can create a custom leave policy. screenshot.006.png

Schedule — Redesigned shift composer and editor is here!

Our freshly designed shift editor is now live on the schedule page in line with the rest of Planday's modern design. You can expect an improved, more logical, readable layout when you create or edit a shift. Here is what's new:

  • The look and feel of basic shift creation has received a complete makeover.

  • You can now see the shift duration and total break duration at a glance.

  • All functional elements are structured better in a more logical layout.

  • A more coherent Breaks overview tab.

    • You can give your employees an unpaid break or add a paid break for those who need it.

    • Find your department's Break rules in the new breaks tab as projected breaks if you use Punch Clock. screenshot.001.png

Learn more Create and edit shifts

Shift editor updates

Time suggestions on shift modal simplified — When creating or editing a shift, you'll see the top five most commonly used time suggestions based on your schedule.

Shift history entries simplified — We've improved the time format displayed in the Shift history. You will now see human-readable time stamps that are easier to understand by people who worked those shifts.

Change employee group on shift drag and drop* — You can now change the Employee group directly on the shift when you drop it onto an employee who is not in the group.

* Initially limited to select Planday organisations with full availability coming to all.

Improvements to the shift request process

  • For schedule managers — Previously, you could reject an open shift request if the employee didn't meet certain criteria, which would leave confusion for employees who didn't get a shift. Now, you can add an optional note to explain why the request was rejected.

  • For employees — If an employee's requested shift is approved, they will receive a notification about the upcoming shift. If they don't qualify for the shift, they will receive a rejection notification (with an optional note explaining why). It is recommended for managers to review and respond to shift requests promptly so that employees can plan their work-life balance.

Planday app updates:

Planday app 10.2

Version 10.2.x of the Planday app brings a range of behind-the-scenes enhancements and optimisations, with a particular focus on improving the login process.

What’s my company URL? — New employees frequently inquire about their Planday URL. No problem, we've simplified the login process. Now, they can enter their email address in the app and receive their company's Planday URL via email. Clicking the URL in the email will then allow them to continue the login process in the app.

Alternatively, if they already know their Planday URL, they can press Log in with URL to proceed with logging in.

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android or iOS, updating to newer versions as they are released.
Download Planday app for Android
Download Planday app for iPhone

Planday integration updates:

New integrations — The following third-party integrations with Planday will become available in specific regions within the next few weeks:

  • Plecto — Reporting — Availability: All regions.

  • Relesys — Employee engagement — Availability: Denmark, Sweden, UK, and The Netherlands.

  • Staffers — Staffing solutions — Norway and Sweden.

  • Favrit — POS integration — Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

You can find these and many other integrations in Planday by going to Settings > Integrations > Overview and searching for your preferred service. screenshot.001.png

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