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Leave management explained
Leave management explained

Get an overview of how to set up paid or unpaid leave in Planday for each employee and sync it with the schedule.

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🎯 For admins looking to set up time off management in Planday.

  • Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the relevant rules for leave and to configure Planday to be suitable for the particular circumstances of your organisation and employees. If you are unsure, please obtain professional legal advice.

  • Are you an employee? See How to apply for leave.

If you are an admin of a Planday organisation, you can now easily set up rules for leave based on the most commonly used scenarios in your company or base them on your country. To help you get an overview of leave management, consider the following flow:

Set up a leave policy

Set leave policies to decide when and how your employees can request time off. They determine whether leave is given as a fixed amount or earned through work, how it's paid, and how long it can be.

To enhance leave tracking, configure bank holiday calendars if your business closes on public holidays. This ensures national holidays won't affect leave balances, allowing employees to request time off without deductions.

Create leave accounts for your employees

Leave accounts are used to track balances and leave requests of individual employees. Once you set up leave policies for your salaried or hourly staff, you can create leave accounts for them.

When setting up leave accounts, you have the option to do it manually for an individual employee or in bulk based on eligibility criteria. Alternatively, you can set the policy to create accounts automatically for all employees in selected departments, employee groups and employee types.

Employees request leave or manager creates a request

Once leave accounts have been set up, employees can request time off through Planday online or via the mobile app.

As an admin, you also can register a leave request on behalf of an employee if you have a verbal agreement with them outside of Planday.

Can your employee not submit leave requests?

  • Check if the employee has been assigned an active leave account.

  • Is there another request pending approval that overlaps?

  • Has the employee accrued enough leave to have sufficient leave balance at the requested period?

A manager acts on a leave request

After employees request leave, you, as a manager, can accept or decline the request.

  • You can add an optional note when approving or rejecting a leave request.

  • All approval or rejection actions against leave requests will always be recorded in the leave request history for you and the employee.

The data from approved leave requests is displayed on the schedule, aiding in scheduling shifts and is passed on to payroll as an approved timesheet entry.

Next steps:

Start setting up leave policies for your Planday organisation.

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