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View your revenue figures on the Schedule
View your revenue figures on the Schedule

See how to view your revenue figures on the Schedule so you can schedule in a more informed way.

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🎯 For administrators. If you haven't done so already, see Set up revenue to help you get started with configuring revenue on your Planday account.

Viewing the revenue figures you entered or were imported from a POS integration can help you make better scheduling decisions.

⬆️ To do this, navigate to the Schedule and click on View settings. In the editing window that appears, activate the Revenue option. This action will add a new bar at the bottom of the screen, displaying the following information for each day. ⬇️

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⬆️ Here is what each of those options represents:

  • 1️⃣ Hours / Payroll: This represents the total working hours (excluding breaks) for all shifts in the week and the total payroll costs for that week.

Note: To display payroll costs, you need to enable the "Payroll Hours & Costs" slider under View settings.

If you have salaried employees, their salary costs will be added here, depending on your allocation settings. Read more in the How to display the payroll costs of salaried employees in the schedule article.

  • 2️⃣ Revenue forecast: This value corresponds to the revenue forecast that you’ve inserted in the weekly budget or will be a total of the daily revenue forecast if you haven’t inserted any value in the weekly budget. You can also view the daily revenue forecast under each day (if you’ve inserted it).

  • 3️⃣ Revenue: You can see a revenue value below each calendar day. This is the actual revenue. You can click on it to change the value. The total weekly value is displayed on the side.

  • Payroll percentage for each day: The displayed percentage indicates the share of labour cost for that day. In brackets, you can see a target value, which you defined in the budget. If the value is red 4️⃣, you are above the target value. If the value is green 5️⃣, you are below it or exactly on target.

On the left side of the revenue bar, you will see a summary of the values for the whole week. Additionally, the following calculations are made for the proportion of salary costs:

  • 6️⃣ Target: This represents your expected payroll percentage for the week, as entered when setting up the budget.

  • 7️⃣ Actual: The payroll percentage is calculated based on the total payroll costs for the week and the daily revenue you have entered.

  • 8️⃣ Forecast: This is the payroll percentage, calculated based on the total payroll costs and on your sales forecast for the week, as defined during the budget setup.

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