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How to create or edit Employee types
How to create or edit Employee types

Learn how to create, manage, and edit employee types in Planday.

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Employee types can help categorise employees based on criteria like full-time, part-time, age brackets, pay type, interns, and more. This is handy for managing supplements, leave accounts, and working time rules.

How to create or edit Employee types

To set up or change Employee types, go to Settings > People > General > Employee types. Click Create to add a new type or use the pencil icon to edit an existing one. screenshot.002.png

When editing, you can name the Employee type, add a Salary code for payroll integration, or write a description to distinguish the employee type from others. screenshot.003.png

How to set an Employee type for employees

When creating or editing an employee, you can assign their employee type.

Go to People > press the pencil to edit an employee > Employment > Employee type, and choose the appropriate employee type by pressing the Edit button. screenshot.004.png

How to see employees grouped by Employee types

To see employees by their types, go to People > Employees. Then, use the filter on the left to sort by Employee type. screenshot.005.png

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