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How to apply leave accounts to your employees
How to apply leave accounts to your employees

Follow this guide on applying leave accounts (accrued & fixed leave) to your employees and see an overview of leave accounts.

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After setting up Leave account templates, either accrued or fixed leave, the next step is to apply those accounts to your employees if you have not chosen to apply them automatically. This article shows you how you can apply the leave accounts manually.

Apply absence account to an employee or employee group manually

If you have not chosen to automatically apply a Leave account to your employees during template creation, you can apply one manually by going to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) > Apply template.

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Choose if you want to Apply account template to one employee or Apply account template to multiple employees.

⬇️ The example below displays leave account creation for multiple employees but the process is the same if you wish to apply leave accounts to individual employees.

Choose which leave account you are trying to apply.

When creating leave accounts for multiple employees, you can select to do it per department or for all departments.

Departments: Choose which employees should have a vacation account created based on departments.

Employee types: Choose which employees to have a vacation account created based on their employee type. For example, choose if you want to apply the leave type to permanent vs hourly staff.

Start Date: Choose the date the employee must start earning vacation from. If an ‘employment date’ has been set for an employee, this data will be used automatically. You can choose another date if you wish.
(Note: an employee can never accrue before the account accruing start date.)

Accruing rate: This option is not editable for a single employee, only in the main settings for the account type.

Start balance - balance on the start date: x amount of days/hours the employee has accrued until the ‘Accrues from’ date.

Start balance - balance used before the start date: x amount of days/hours the employee has taken until the ‘Accrued from’ date.

Carry-over (if this is allowed for the account): how many days this employee can carry over (if it’s different than the rule).

Salary code - company paid: Insert or edit the salary code for individual Absence accounts. These salary codes will show on your payroll reports in Planday, for displaying detailed information on leave.

Bank holiday calendar: select which bank holiday calendar to be used. Requesting a vacation on a bank holiday will return “free” and will not deduct a vacation day from the vacation balance.

When you have selected the options you want, click on Save.
Your employee's individual initial value can also be modified after creation.

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