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Contracts and Documents — FAQs and troubleshooting
Contracts and Documents — FAQs and troubleshooting

Find solutions to common questions while working with contracts and documents in Planday.

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🎯 For Administrators and HR Admins.


When attempting to create a contract for an employee, you may encounter an 'Astronaut' or 'Stuck in orbit' error.

This could be due to the following reasons:

  1. There's a space in one of the employee's fields, such as their name or last name. To resolve this, remove any spaces.

  2. The contract name is too long or contains unsupported special characters, such as - ¤ `|. In this case, shorten the name or remove the unsupported characters.

  3. The contract contains an empty merge field, indicated by < >, or the merge field in Word is invisible. To troubleshoot this:

    • Check the contract template and verify that the merge field has been added correctly.

    • Ensure that the necessary information has been entered in the field within the employee's profile.

  4. If the merge field isn't working in an imported document, follow these steps:

    • Download a Word copy of the Contract and add the merge field manually by selecting Insert > Explore Quick Parts > Fields > Fields names - Select Merge Field > Paste field name.

    • Toggle the field code by highlighting it, right-clicking, and selecting Toggle Field Code.

    • After adding the new merge field to the Word document, save it.

To resolve issues with a merge field not pulling data, follow these steps:

  1. Save the Word document with the new merge field.

  2. Create a Contract template and upload the document.

  3. Test it by generating a contract for the employee. This will display the information entered in the field that wasn't pulling data previously.

If the field isn't pulling data and is within the Contract template text box, try deleting it and then copying and pasting it again. Finally, test it by generating a Contract for the employee and previewing it.

Logo is not showing up when using the insert text function to generate a contract.

Due to ongoing upgrades, the logo may not appear when using the "insert text" function to generate a contract. As a workaround, you can create your contract in a Microsoft Word document. This allows you to add your logo and use merge fields to include Planday data. Uploading the contract in this format will ensure that the logo appears and essential employee information is fetched into the document.

Can we create bulk contracts?

Currently, we don't have the capability to create bulk contracts. However, we're aware that many customers have requested this feature, and it is added as a feature request.

I am unable to see contracts template in Create contract dropdown

To access the contracts template in the "Create contract" dropdown, ensure that the employee is assigned to a Department and Employee group.

Merge fields

One of the merge fields isn't functioning correctly

There could be a couple of reasons behind this issue:

  1. The employee data associated with the merge field might be blank. In this case, you must ensure the relevant field is filled in with the correct information.

  2. The problem might be due to an incorrect input field in the document or incorrectly inserted text. To resolve this, either replace the input field with the correct text in the merge field or delete it and insert it again.

How do I insert a "hours per week" merge field?

By default, only the "hours per month" field is available. To include the "hours per week" field, you have two options:

  1. Rename the default "hours per month" field to "hours per week."

  2. Create a custom field for "hours per week" in Settings > People > Employee form setup.

The hourly wage for one of my employees displays as 0 instead of the expected amount.

This typically occurs when the contract start date is set after the validity date of the employee's hourly wage. To resolve this, you can:

  • Adjust the start date of the contract.


  • Update the validity date of the hourly wage to match the contract start date.

Salary field is not merging correctly

If the salary field keeps coming out blank it might be because the wage is not inserted for the employee in question or, the field itself has been pasted incorrectly. If no value for salary was inserted, the salary code appears in its place.


An admin can't see the documents they've uploaded in a file in the general documents menu item.

This could be due to the documents being uploaded to a file visible only to an employee group the admin is not a member of. To address this, navigate to People > Documents > Edit folder and verify if the file is restricted to specific Employee groups.

An employee reports that they are unable to see the documents uploaded by their manager on the Planday app.

Confirm whether they are referring to general documents or personal documents uploaded to their profile. It's important to note that personal documents can only be viewed from the web interface and not on the app.

Good to know

Contracts and documents:

  • We can only restore a deleted contract for an employee, not a deleted document.

  • Bulk uploading contracts or personal documents is not possible.

  • There's no option to download a file showing which employees have been sent contracts. Managers can either check each employee individually in their documents tab or navigate to People > Contracts > Overview to see signed contracts and those awaiting signature.

Contracts and notifications:

  • Default notifications: Managers receive a Planday message when an employee accepts or rejects a contract after the manager signs it before sending it to the employee.

  • Set up notifications to alert specific employees when a new contract is signed or rejected.

  • Employees do not receive notifications when a contract is pending signature.

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