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How do I sign a contract electronically in Planday
How do I sign a contract electronically in Planday

Find and sign a contract or any document electronically via Planday app or web.

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You can view and sign a contract or any document that needs a signature either through the Planday mobile app on a device or through the Planday web using a computer.

Sign a document electronically via Planday app

To sign a contract on the Planday mobile app, navigate to More > Documents > Not signed.

After pressing “Ok”, confirm with your Planday password as this is a secure document and may contain personal information. Once the password is approved, sign the contract by swiping to the right at the bottom of the screen and then the document is signed.

Once the document is signed by both parties, it will be recorded and accessible under More > Documents > Signed collection.

Sign a contract electronically via Planday on the web

To sign a contract on a computer, log in to your Planday and navigate to your profile settings (under the round icon at the top right) and press Edit.

In the personal settings, you will find a section on contracts at the bottom with the pending status. Clicking on Sign document opens a window with the document for review. Click Next to continue after you have read it.

Write your full name in the signature field and press Sign document to sign.

As a reminder, once the document is signed, you or the contact person will receive a notification via email in Planday. You can also download the signed file as a PDF by pressing Download file and keep it for safekeeping.

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