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How to leave a note on the schedule
How to leave a note on the schedule

Ease communication with your staff and Schedule managers by adding comments and headings to Shifts.

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🎯 For Admins and Schedule managers. Learn about scheduling here.

You can add a headline to any day on the Schedule to share important information with your employees or other Shift managers.

How to add a note to a shift on the schedule

To add a note, click on the notebook symbol 📝 directly under the date on the Schedule so that an editing window appears.

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An entry in the Headline field will be visible to everyone.

An entry in the Note field will not be visible to staff but only internally to you and other Schedule managers. Confirm by clicking Create.

The headline and note will be visible to scheduled employees and managers when they view their schedule on the Planday app and web.

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Add a note to the schedule via the Planday app

To do this, navigate to the Schedule page on the app. Press and hold down the date. Two options appear, one of which is the note icon 📄 to Add note. Drag your finger on this option and then release so that another editing window appears. Make your entries here and confirm by tapping Done.

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