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How to see Schedule history and edits
How to see Schedule history and edits
Use Schedule history to see a record of all changes made to the Schedule, including who created, edited or deleted a Shift and when.
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🎯 For Admins and Schedule managers.
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What is a Schedule history report?

The Schedule history report lets you see all changes made to the Schedule. You can see the following:

  • Who made the changes.

  • When the changes were made.

  • What shift types have been changed.

  • When shifts have been approved.

  • If there are shifts that have been deleted.

To see the Schedule history, go to Schedule page > Tools > Schedule history.

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How to use the Schedule history report

When you open the Schedule history, you will be presented with a list of all changes made to the Schedule in chronological order (from newest to oldest).

The list on the left contains the summary of changes made. You can click one of the entries to show more details about the change on the right. For example, this can be the original shift status and the current status of the same shift after the edit. Should you need to, you also have the option to edit a Shift right from the report.

🧩 One significant use case of the Schedule history is the ability to show Deleted shifts. This means you can see which Shifts were deleted, who deleted the Shifts and when the Shifts were deleted.

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Filter Schedule history by date or Schedule manager

You can filter the Schedule history report if you are looking for specific changes on a certain day or edits made by a particular Schedule manager. The filter allows you to narrow down the changes based on the following:

  • Shift date - Pick a date to see all changes made to the Schedule on a specific day.

  • Changed by - Narrow down the edits based on one or a group of Schedule managers.

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