Planday Kiosk app for iPad
See how to set up a stand-alone iPad to punch in and out of the workplace without relying on personal mobile devices.
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🎯 For advance admins. Learn how to set up Punch Clock here.

What is Planday Kiosk app

The Planday Kiosk app for iPad is a Punch Clock solution that allows your employees to clock in and out on-site. With the Kiosk app, you won't have to depend on GPS, IP address or your employees having to use their mobile devices to punch in.

How to set up Planday Kiosk app

💡 Please note that the Planday Kiosk app is only available on iPads using iOS 11 or above. You must be an administrator of a Planday account to configure Planday Kiosk app for your employees.

To get started, an admin should download the Planday Kiosk app on an iPad and log in to continue.

  1. Enter your company’s Planday URL ending in either or

  2. Enter your admin Planday username (your email).

  3. Enter your password. It is the same one you use to log in to the Planday.

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  • Departments: Select the departments that will be using the Kiosk app to clock in

  • Language: Set the desired language of app.

  • Screensaver: (Optional) Enable screensaver mode to display the time and date when the iPad is not used. You must disable Auto-Lock for the screensaver to work. Change your iPad’s auto-lock settings from Settings > Display & Brightness.

  • Employee overview on login page: You can also select here if an Employee overview should be displayed on the login page or whether the employees should log in with a username and password and thus not see each other's names or display pictures.

  • Show Shift types: You can toggle if Shift types should be visible when clocking in.

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If you have enabled Employee overview on the login page, employees can select their name from a list of all your employees and then enter their password to log in.

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If you haven't enabled employee overview on the login page, your employees are prompted to enter both their username and password to log in.

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Planday Kiosk app - Supported devices list

The Planday Kiosk app is only available on iPads using iOS 11 or above.

💡 Please note that the following supported devices are not all-inclusive. Availability depends mainly on the iOS version, and thus, other iPad generations may also be supported.

Supported devices:

  • iPad Air

  • iPad Air 2

  • iPad (2017)

  • iPad (2018)

  • iPad Mini 2

  • iPad Mini 3

  • iPad Mini 4

  • iPad Pro (9.7-inch)

  • iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch 1st generation)

  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch 2nd generation)

Download Planday Kiosk app

Download the Planday Kiosk App for iPadOS from here:


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