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How to set up Punch Clock breaks
How to set up Punch Clock breaks

This feature allows your employees to punch in and out of their breaks using the Punch Clock.

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Are you an employee? See How to Punch in and out of breaks here.

If your business uses Punch Clock, you can activate your employees' breaks in the Punch Clock. Employees can then punch in and out of shifts to take a break. Depending on your Punch Clock settings, employees can punch in and out for breaks via the Planday app, via Punch Clock in the browser or via the Planday Kiosk app.

By default, breaks in the Punch Clock are unpaid.

How to set up breaks in the Punch Clock

Go to Settings > Punch Clock > Advanced > Access to breaks in Punch Clock. Here you can add or remove access on a Department and Employee group basis: screenshot.001.png

When you activate breaks on a Department (via the Activate column pt.4), all Employee groups and Employee types associated with it will be included.

If some employees should not have access to breaks in the Punch Clock, they can be deselected in the Show break button checklist.

What happens to automatically set breaks on the shifts if I enable breaks in the Punch Clock?

Automatic breaks set via break rules will always be overwritten when Punch Clock breaks are activated simultaneously for the same Department.

It is recommended not to use both types of breaks simultaneously.

When you activate breaks in the Punch Clock, you will be greeted with the following message:

This message indicates that if you have already set up automatic breaks, these will act as a forecast when breaks in the Punch Clock are activated. This means that on the Schedule, you will see automatic breaks ahead of time, but as soon as the shift finishes, the automatic break will disappear, and only the actual punched-in break will be shown.

The example below shows what a break looks like on a shift when it is only used for the forecast.

A manual break will always remain on the shift as long as it does not overlap with a punched-in break.

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