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Transitioning from legacy leave accounts to new leave accounts
Transitioning from legacy leave accounts to new leave accounts

Follow this step-by-step guide, to transition from your current legacy leave account policies to the new accrued leave account policies.

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How to tell if your organisation is using the legacy leave module:

The legacy leave account policy looked like this. ⬇️

To switch from Planday's legacy leave module to the new leave module, you have two options:

  • Transition at the start of the new holiday year (recommended by Planday). You'll only need to transfer requests already made for the coming year.

  • Transition during the holiday year. You may have to adjust each employee's current balance individually and transfer requests between the cut-off date and the end of the holiday year (possibly into the next year).

Follow the step-by-step guide below, to transition from your current legacy accounts to the new leave accounts.

  • Change some settings in the legacy leave policy:

    • Under Settings > Leave & Overtime > Policies > Edit policy, you will need to remove “Create automatically” and “Renew automatically” from the current legacy leave accounts.

This means that no more accounts are created for this policy and that any unused accounts are automatically deleted.

  • Create a new leave policy with the decided terms and rules.

    • Click here to set up a policy with a number of days set upfront

    • Click here to set up an accrued leave policy

  • Apply leave accounts to your employees, with the chosen start date and correct start balance for your employees.

    • Set the start date of the accounts to the desired transition date.

If the account starts in the middle of a holiday year, then you have to remember to adjust the opening balance for each individual account, if the old account had any balance left at the adjusted end date. To adjust the opening balance, follow these steps:

  • Edit the employee’s leave account under Schedule > Leave accounts or in the employee’s profile, in the Leave overview tab.

  • In the Manual adjustments section, click on Edit

  • Add or deduct days or hours

  • Apply the adjustment on the start date of the account

  • Learn more about Manual adjustments in How to make adjustments to leave balance.

  • From Schedule > Leave requests > Export, export the pending and approved leave requests from the transition date and beyond, from the legacy leave account.

  • Deny those leave requests and afterwards, create a new request for the same period and employee on the new accounts

    • Optionally, let the employee know that their requests are not getting denied, but rather moved to the new account by adding a comment.

  • Invalidate the old accounts

    • If the transition date is in the middle of a holiday year, you need to change the end date of the old accounts to the transition date (the date where the new accounts start). This can be done from Schedule > Leave accounts > Edit accounts > change the end date.

When the above steps are done, you and your employees are ready to start using the new leave accounts.

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