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Overview of Absence accounts & Leave balances
Overview of Absence accounts & Leave balances

Get an overview of which employees have a leave account and understand how the balances work.

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🎯 For advanced admins with full access to Planday.

You first need to apply leave accounts to your employees. Go to How to apply leave accounts to your employees to find out how to do this.

Do you want to see your employees’ leave accounts to know which employees have a leave account and who’s missing one? This article explains how to view leave accounts on the Planday web.

See an overview of your employees’ leave accounts

Once a leave account is applied to an employee, you can see it listed under the Leave accounts overview page under Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) or in the Employee profile > Leave overview tab.

💡 If a leave account is not visible, you will need to change the time period on this page as the overview only displays the accounts that are in the chosen period. It could also be because the account is inactive.

change overview leave period.png

In this view, there are four different key numbers:

Start balance: This shows the balance available at the beginning of the selected period

Balance accrued: This shows how many days/hours the employee has earned during the period selected.

Balance used: This shows how many days/hours the employee has used during the period selected.

Available balance: This shows how many days/hours the employee has available at the end of the period selected.

💡 The system will not deduct unapproved holiday days/hours from the available balance.

These key numbers will vary according to the period you select in the filter. You can go to our Absence & Vacation FAQs to find out more about this.

Set additional filters

In addition, you can filter based on the following filtering options under Filters:

  • Departments, select which departments the list should contain

  • Employee groups, select which employee groups the list should contain

  • Employee types, select which employee types the list should contain

  • Account names, select which account types you want to see in the list

Finally, you can also set Account status where you can choose which status of accounts you want to see between active, inactive, available or all.

💡 When an account is inactive, it can’t be used for accrual, and the employee cannot take leave from it.

You can also search for a specific employee if you do not want to fill in one or more of the filters. However, you can only search by first name and last name - not middle names.

See an individual account’s details

To see a breakdown of each leave account’s details, edit an individual account. (1.) ⬇️

‎leave balances_breakdown.‎001.jpeg

Then, you’ll be able to see:

  • The manual adjustments made to the account (2.)

  • Further details related to the balances (3.):

    • the number of days worked within the period (in the example above, the

      beginning of the 52-week reference period to date.

    • the total money earned within this period

    • the average earned per day

    • the leave account’s balance to date

    • the total pay to date for the leave account

How to make adjustments to leave balance

You can also make adjustments to add or deduct the balance from an absence account by going to Schedule > Leave accounts > edit an account > and pressing Edit in front of the balance.

This allows you to register a change of balance that will come into effect at a date of your choosing. A history of all adjustments to that account will also be visible on the account page.

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.
Contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom if you have more questions.

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