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Overview of leave management in Planday
Overview of leave management in Planday

See how the absence and leave can be managed through Planday

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To better understand the various steps and processes of the absence and leave management in Planday, consider the following flow:

1. Create leave Account templates

Leave account templates that define the characteristics of a leave. This can be the duration of the leave, when the leave can be used, which employees or groups can utilize this leave and many other attributes. Leave accounts can be applied as fixed Leave accounts usually set up for permanent staff and accrued Leave accounts which are typically set up for hourly-paid staff who earn leave by working.

You can enhance your leave accounts by setting up Bank holiday calendars, so national holidays don't count towards deducting your employee's leave balance.

2. Apply leave Account templates to employees

Assign leave accounts to employees so they can utilise their given leave. As a manager, you can apply the leave accounts automatically to new employees or employee groups. You can also set up a leave template to automatically apply to all employees that match certain criteria. Or you can choose to manually apply the leave accounts.

3. Employee requests leave

After leave accounts have been assigned, the employee can request time off via the Planday app or through the web. As an admin, you can also assign leave for employees on their behalf.

4. Approve, reject or edit requests

After employees request leave, you can accept, decline or edit the leave requests. It is not possible to delete a request for leave. However, as a manager, you have the option to amend the leave or reject it. It will always be in the history of rejected leave requests.

To start setting up templates of absence accounts for your Planday, take one of the following steps:

Recommended for staff that earn holidays by working (hourly paid, vacation accounts):

Recommended for staff that avail a fixed amount of leave (monthly paid, maternity, max sick days):


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