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Transitioning to the new accrued Absence accounts
Transitioning to the new accrued Absence accounts
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If you are already using Planday’s absence module, and you want to switch to using the new Accrued absence accounts, you have the following options:

  • Make the transition when the new holiday year begins: recommended by Planday. You will only have to transfer requests already made for the coming year.

  • Make the transition sometime during the holiday year: you may have to adjust the current balance for each employee individually and transfer requests between the cut-off date and the end of the holiday year (possibly also the next year)

Follow the step-by-step guide below, to transition from your current/old absence accounts to the new accrued absence accounts.

  1. Settings in the old account type:

    1. Under Settings > Absence, Overtime, Vacation > Account types > Edit account type, you will need to remove “create automatic” and “renew automatic” from the current/old absence accounts.

      This means that no more accounts are created for this account type and that any unused accounts are automatically deleted.

  2. Create a new account type with the decided terms and policies

  3. Apply leave accounts to your employees, with the chosen start date and correct start balance for your employees.

    • Set the start date of the accounts to the desired transit date.
      If the account starts in the middle of a vacation year, then you have to remember to input used absence on their accounts, to ensure the absence days used already get deducted from the balance.

  4. From Schedule > Absence requests > Export, export the pending and approved absence requests from the transit date and beyond, from the old absence account.

  5. Deny those absence requests and afterward create a new request for the same period and employee on the new accounts

    • option to let the employee know that their requests are not getting denied, but rather moved to the new account (a comment can be added when a request is denied).

  6. Invalidate the old accounts

    • If the transit date is in the middle of a vacation year, you need to change the end date of the old accounts to the transit date (the date where the new accounts start). This can be done from Schedule > Absence accounts > Edit accounts > change the end date.

When the above steps are done, you and your employees are ready to start using the new Accrued absence accounts.

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