How to create leave accounts

Learn how to set up leave accounts for your employees, making them eligible for your company's leave policies.

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🎯 For admins setting up leave in Planday.

  • This article is only relevant if you did not select Create automatically in step 3 of Who should be eligible for this leave policy.

  • Get to know Planday's leave management to learn more or set up a policy if you haven't already.

Once you've established leave policies, whether accrued or fixed, the next step is to apply them to your employees if you haven't opted for automatic creation. This guide demonstrates how to manually assign leave accounts to your employees individually or to an employee group.

How to automatically create leave accounts for your employees

When creating a custom leave policy, you can select the checkmark Create automatically in step 3 of the set-up. This will create leave accounts for all eligible employees, including future ones.

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If you didn't select this option, proceed to the next section in this guide.

How to manually create a leave account for an employee or group

If you have not chosen to automatically apply a leave policy to your employees when setting up leave rules. You can then apply the policy manually by creating leave accounts for them to request leave.

Go to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) > Manage leave > Create accounts. screenshot.001.png

Choose if you want to Create account for one employee or Create accounts for multiple employees. screenshot.002.png

​⬇️ The example shows creating leave accounts for multiple employees, but the process is the same if you want to create an account for a single employee. screenshot.003.png

When creating leave accounts for multiple employees, you can choose to do it per department or for all departments. screenshot.001.png

Who do you want to create an account for?

  • Departments, Employee types, and Employee groups: If you choose to create accounts for multiple employees, use these options to control which teams can use the specific leave policy. For instance, if you only want leave available for a specific department, you can limit access with this option.

  • Start Date: Determine the date from which the employee begins accruing leave. If an 'employee hire date' is selected, it will be used automatically; otherwise, you can choose the employee's hired date or the same date for all employees. Accrual cannot occur before the policy's start date.

  • Accruing rate: This option is set in the main settings for the leave policy and is not editable for individual employees.

  • Opening balance - balance on the start date: Set an amount of days/hours the employee has accrued until the 'Accrues from' date. You can adjust this later for individual accounts.

  • Opening balance - balance used before the start date: Set an amount of days/hours the employee has taken until the 'Accrues from' date.

  • Max allowed carry-over to next period: (if allowed for the account): Indicate how many days the employee can carry over, if different from the policy.

  • Salary code - company paid: Add or edit the salary code for individual leave accounts. These codes will appear on your payroll reports in Planday, providing detailed information on leave and will be passed on to a payroll integration if connected.

  • Bank holiday calendar (or Public holiday calendar): Choose the bank holiday calendar to be used. Requesting leave on a bank holiday will not deduct leave from the balance.

Once you've selected your options, click Save. You can also modify your employee's leave values after leave creation.

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