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How is TOIL handled with the Contracted hours
How is TOIL handled with the Contracted hours

Use Contracted hours to calculate and transfer TOIL balance to employees on a daily basis

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Handling TOIL with the contracted hours is the most commonly used method across markets and it's mostly used for monthly salaried staff.

In order to use this feature, the employee should be scheduled according to their Contracted hours by setting up Contract rules and applying them to each employee as the deviations are generated based on scheduled hours.

Once the hours have been approved the manager can go to the Contracted hours page to transfer the hours that are over or under the employee’s contracted hours to their TOIL account.

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Setup & apply Contract rules

You would primarily need to set up your employees’ Contract rules under Settings > People > Contract rules.

In this example, a 40hr contract rule is set up.

This rule is then applied to an employee by going to People > Employees > select the employee you wish to apply and press Edit > Personal details > Payroll > Contract rule.

Manage compensation leave

If you’re using the contracted hours, compensation leave can be managed in two ways:

1. You don’t need to schedule the employees when they are on TOIL leave.
Then you can transfer the difference from the Contracted hours page like an undertime manually. The advantage is that there is full discretion over the overtime management since TOIL is not visible in the schedule.

2. You can use a Shift type (TOIL) that will not count as hours worked or be connected to the overtime account.
If you want to transfer hours as an undertime, you can use a Shift type but you shouldn’t map this Shift type with the overtime account template as this will cause a double transfer of the hours.

Then you need to make sure that this Shift type doesn’t count like worked hours in the contract rules, otherwise the hours with this Shift type won’t be deducted from the TOIL account. To check this, go to Settings > People > Contract Rules > Edit the rule and untick the shift types that shouldn’t count as hours worked.

edit the contract rule.png

For example, ShiftType_TimeOff is unchecked here. This means that these hours are not counted as hours worked and therefore, hours as undertime can be transferred into the overtime account.

contract rules TOIL.png

The advantage is that compensation leave is visible on the schedule so the information is clear to the admins and schedule admins.

Still, have questions? Reach out to our support team via chat if you need help regarding this feature.

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