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View or edit TOIL and overtime balances
View or edit TOIL and overtime balances

How to view overtime balances, see future TOIL requests and make adjustments to TOIL accounts manually.

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🎯 For admins looking to troubleshoot TOIL policies.

  • Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the relevant rules for leave and to configure Planday to be suitable for the particular circumstances of your organisation and employees. If you are unsure, please obtain professional legal advice.

Overview of applied TOIL balances

If you want to see the balance of your employees’ TOIL accounts, you can do so under Schedule > Leave accounts >Time off in Lieu accounts. In the filters, choose the name of the TOIL account and see which employees have that account assigned to them.

How to export a TOIL report

Overview of TOIL accounts report

If you want to extract the overview of TOIL as a report, first apply a filter and choose the TOIL account you wish to extract a report for. Then press the Export button from Schedule > Leave accounts > Time off in Lieu accounts tab. This would give you an overview of the TOIL accounts and their balances per employee.

Detailed transferred hours report

If you want to have the details of hours transferred in a report form go to Schedule > Leave requests. Choose the date range, set the status and in the filters choose the overtime account you wish to get a report for. Press Export > Time off in Lieu report. Choose the date range and tick Group by employee. Select the departments that you want to include in the report. Finally, press Export data > Download file to get a detailed breakdown Overtime report.

View an employee’s TOIL balance

You can also see future TOIL balances in the individual employee profiles. Click on an employee’s profile and go to the Time off in lieu tab.

In the following example, an employee started with a TOIL balance of zero. They worked an 8-hour shift a few days ago that counted towards their Flex+ account. And they are scheduled for another 8-hour shift in future which will also count towards Flex+. The four balances you see on the employee's Time off in lieu page summarize how many hours of time off the employee has requested and held.

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Today (approved): This balance is calculated based on the approved overtime / time off shifts up until today. All future days are therefore not taken into account here.

All (approved): This balance is calculated based on the total approved overtime / time off shifts. All dates are taken into account, meaning if the employee has an approved overtime / time off future shift, it will affect this balance.
​(Contact our Support team if you want to have the option to approve future shifts activated).

Today (approved and requested): This balance is much like the "Today (approved)" but also includes the shifts that haven't been approved up until today. If this balance deviates from the "Today (approved)" this means the employee has overtime / time off shifts that haven't been approved, yet.

All (approved and requested): This balance takes all overtime / time off shifts, past and future, into account. If the employee has any overtime / time off shifts, approved or unapproved, they will be taken into account here.

💡Please keep in mind, that an unapproved overtime / time off shift is referred to here as "requested".

Please be aware that the hours shown here represent the number of hours in the schedule with specific shift types selected under Settings > Leave & Overtime > Advanced > Shift types for Time off in lieu accounts. Here you can select which shift types add to the balances (overtime shifts), and which deduct from the balances (time off shifts).

How to manually adjust TOIL hours

You can make adjustments to the TOIL account directly from the employee’s profile should you need to make manual adjustments.

Let’s say you have paid two hours for one of your employees. You now want to adjust these hours in their account. Go to the Employee’s profile > Time off in Lieu > press Create. Then choose the type of adjustment you want to make.

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In the above example, we want to remove 2 hours by adjusting the duration by -2.

Type: Select which type of flex you want to create, Time off, Time off in lieu (Overtime) or an Adjustment.

Duration (when selecting Adjustment): Select this option if you want the hours to be adjusted as an undertime. You can choose the date when the adjustment was made and if you want to deduct the hours or minutes, put a minus “-“ in front of the amount.

Date (or range): If you want to register a date with hours taken as time off, select this option.

You could now pay out TOIL hours using a Contract rules supplement.

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