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All Gravy integration — FAQs and troubleshooting
All Gravy integration — FAQs and troubleshooting

Find answers to common questions you may have around your integration with All Gravy.

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Q: What if I have more than one Planday account?

A: If you have more than one Planday account (for instance, different restaurants, locations, etc.) you will need to create a new All Gravy account for each of the Planday accounts.

Further, you will need to connect each All Gravy account with Planday.

Q: What is a Child Account?

A: Some restaurants have a setup where they have multiple Planday accounts linked to one - in these cases you create 1 All Gravy account for each child account.

Q: I just connected with Planday, but I can't my employees in the list yet?

A: After connecting with Planday, it can take up to 2 minutes for it to import the employees. If you refresh your browser after 2 minutes, you should see the imported employees.

Q: I can’t see my new employee(s) in All Gravy?

A: All Gravy and Planday automatically update every hour on the hour, so should be available within 60 minutes.

Q: When I’m setting up, I have to choose between “All completed shifts” vs “Allow confirmed shifts” - what does that mean?

A: This decides whether employees should be able to withdraw money as soon as a shift is completed, or first when it has been approved by a manager in Planday.

Some companies approve shifts almost immediately after a shift has ended - in these cases, it makes sense to choose ‘Allow confirmed shifts’.

“All completed shifts” means that your employees can withdraw their salary as soon as the shift is completed in Planday - use this if you approve shifting frequently (more than 2 hours after the shift is done).

Q: Which integrations do I need to get All Gravy to work?

A: We have created all Gravy with the vision of an easy plug-and-play setup- so all you need is Planday and your payroll provider.
We support almost everyone, including Zenegy, DataLøn, Danløn, etc.

Q: How long does it take to set All Gravy up?

A: Integrating with Planday takes less than 10 minutes.

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Q: Does it take extra time to do salary when we have All Gravy?

A: It should add about 5 minutes to your monthly payroll process.

Q: Does All Gravy work with my payroll system?

A: We currently support Zenegy, Danløn, Dataløn,, ProLøn, Lessor, and others. Contact us if you’re in doubt.

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Q: Is All Gravy a payroll provider?

A: No, All Gravydoes not replace your payroll provider- we simply integrate between Planday and your payroll provider.

Q: How does All Gravy know what the right tax is for my employees?

A: Depending on your payroll provider, we either get the correct tax information directly from them or the employees themselves enter this into the app when onboarding - we have of course included a guide for them on how to find this.

Q: How do we avoid double paying my employees?

A: By integrating with your payroll system, we simply make sure that All Gravyon a monthly basis shares the withdrawals made in that payroll period with your payroll system.

Q: What will it look like on my employee's salary slip?

A: It will be registered as an “aconto-udbetaling” (advancepayment) and will show on the salary slip as “All Gravy Withdrawal”.

Q: What does All Gravy do to our liquidity? Will it affect our liquidity?

A: All Gravy provides the company with two possibilities:

  • All Gravy provides liquidity: We pay out the employees withdrawals from our bank account and invoice you monthly.

  • You provide liquidity: The customer pays a deposit, in which case we will take the employee’s withdrawals from that account and get the deposit refilled on a monthly basis.

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