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May & June 2023 Product updates
May & June 2023 Product updates
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May & June wrapped up with a few updates and cool new features added to Planday. Here's what's new:


Prevent employees from modifying their names via their employee profile

The First name and Last name fields can now be set as read-only on the employee profile. Previously it was not possible to apply changes to the setup of these two fields. This enhancement will help prevent employees from editing their own name, adding non-standard elements such as emojis, or a name that doesn't match the one entered on an integrated payroll system.

As an admin, you can now go to Settings > People > Employee form set-up > edit the First Name and Surname field, uncheck the Required field and Allow editing option under Personal settings.

See How to modify the employee form

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Improved Absence account management: Individual Salary codes are now visible and editable in the account pop-up

Managing Salary codes for individual Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) has become more convenient with the latest update. In the past, the Salary code of each Leave account was not visible. This may have caused confusion when changes were applied to the Salary code assigned to a Leave account template, as the code is not automatically updated for existing employees' accounts that were created applying said template.

However, you can now easily view and edit the Salary code for individual Leave accounts, ensuring consistency across templates. This improvement streamlines the task of ensuring uniformity in Salary codes, providing a smoother experience in managing leave.

See How to apply leave accounts to your employees

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New version of Planday app 9.0 is available!

Welcome to the new and improved version of the Planday app 9.0! This release brings an updated People feature, under the More tab, as mentioned in the previous update. This allows you to access and update your colleagues' profiles faster and more efficiently.

This update removes support for managing Departments and Employee groups from the app. You'll need to access Planday on web if you need to update the structure of your organisation.

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (9.0.x) or iOS (9.0.x), updating to newer versions as they are released.

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Easily connect Planday with even more online services

You can now find 3rd party integration partners right within Planday. The integrations page in Planday > Settings > Integrations will now display our own integrations and integrations built by our partners to give you a complete overview of our ecosystem.

Expert LMS and Quickorder are the first arrivals, but you can look forward to seeing many more integrations cropping up over the next few weeks in your region. This means you can seamlessly combine the power of Planday with other apps to simplify your workflow and boost productivity.

See Integrations in Planday

(Sweden only) Fortnox integration update: Enable cost centre allocation for seamless payroll sync

Payroll administrators in Sweden utilising the Fortnox integration can now rejoice as a significant update has been introduced. The latest enhancement enables the seamless synchronisation of data into Fortnox, including the allocation of cost centres. With this update, you can enjoy a streamlined process while syncing shift data to Fortnox.

The update also brings improved sync status reporting and the introduction of a new error notification in case of any mismatched cost centre codes. This improvement enhances efficiency eliminating the need for complex export and import procedures of PaXML files for timesheet data in Fortnox.

See How to sync data into Fortnox cost centres

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Open API updates:

Salary periods can now be managed via Pay API

Salary periods are now available in Planday worldwide so that you can specify your employees' salaries over various periods, such as annually or weekly.

Integrations can now obtain and set this data in our Pay API endpoints. Monthly periods remain the default option before this feature's introduction.

Skills in HR and Schedule API

Skills help admins match the right employees to the right shifts. Thanks to our new GET Skills endpoint and skillID parameters in our HR and Schedule endpoints, you can now leverage this feature in our integrations.

Please note that the Skills feature is only available upon request.

New Schedule endpoints

We are introducing three new schedule endpoints to enable deeper integrations with our core functionality. You can now:

  • Get shift details by Shift ID

  • Get shift change history

  • Approve scheduled shifts for payroll

Planday News:

Launching soon: News within Planday messenger

We’ll soon be introducing a new way to see product-specific news! Stay informed about the latest feature updates, improvements, and recent developments related to our product, all within your messenger. Say goodbye to missing out on important information and stay connected with the pulse of our product's world. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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