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How does Multi-factor authentication (MFA) work?
How does Multi-factor authentication (MFA) work?

Learn how to configure and set Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in Planday.

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What is Multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), also known as 2-factor authentication, adds a layer of security to your account and helps prevent unauthorised access. Besides the username and password, you can set additional authentication methods to manage how your employees can receive a verification code when logging into Planday.

How to enable or disable MFA in Planday

Please note: MFA is not enabled by default but is mandatory if you connect to a Xero organisation.

Go to Settings > Security > Multi-factor authentication to configure MFA in Planday.

You can select which authentication methods you'd like enabled in Planday by selecting Enable or Disable to the right of the method (Authenticator app or SMS).

If you disable a method of MFA in Planday, it will be removed from all employees that have MFA set on their profile. If you have an additional method enabled, the next time your employees log into Planday, they will need to set up MFA again with the remaining method of authentication you have allowed.

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Login process

By default, you and your employees must use Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to log in to Planday if you connect to Xero organisation or if MFA is enabled on your Planday. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1 – At login, type in username and password. You will be asked to configure an MFA method.

  • Step 2 – Select your preferred authentication method. Planday offers two options:

    • A) Option 1: SMS - Enter a valid phone number (it doesn't have to be your number in Planday) to receive an SMS with a code. Use the code to verify the account. You will not be charged an SMS fee for MFA use.

    • B) Option 2: Authenticator app - Scan the given QR code with an authentication app or manually enter the setup code in your app. Use the 6-digit code generated by the authenticator app to verify the account.

  • Step 3 – Next time you log in, enter the code sent to you by SMS or from your authenticator app to complete the login process.


Remember MFA settings for next login

You can select the option to ☑️ Remember me for 30 days when using MFA.

You will not be asked to use MFA for 30 days if the option is selected. This also applies if you use the same account on multiple devices.

If this option remains unselected, you will be asked to log in with a username, password and authentication code again upon your next login.

How to reset MFA for an employee

As an admin or HR manager, you can reset the MFA configuration of an employee’s account if an employee faces authentication-related issues logging in or cannot retrieve their code. The employee will have to configure their MFA again the next time they log in to Planday after you have reset their multi-factor authentication.

To do that, navigate to People > Employees > select the employee > Edit > User Actions > Reset multi-factor authentication.

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