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Leave balances

How can I export leave balances?

Export the available balance of your employees’ leave accounts by going to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts).

  1. Adjust the period to have the right balance.

  2. Select the account status

  3. In the Filters, choose which Departments, Employee groups, Employee types and Leave accounts you want to extract the report for.

  4. Then click on Export in the top right corner

leave account balances.001.jpeg

How can I view the overall accrued balances?

You can view them under Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence account).

The accrued balance might appear lower than you expect. This is because the start of the period is set by default to the first day of the current month and not the start date of the spending or accruing period of the account.

In order to see the overall accrued and used balances you need to change the period to the start date of the accruing period until today’s date.

In the example above, the start date of the period is set to the first day of the current month and the balance accrued only shows 0.12 days.
By changing the start date of the period to the day when the employee should start accruing days and setting the end date of the period to today’s date, the employee has accrued 3.98 days.

If no end date is selected, the system will take into account the end date of the spending period of the account.

In the leave template’s settings under Settings > Leave & Overtime > Account templates, if you’ve chosen the requirements for accrual to “No requirements, always accrue”,

no requirements, always accrue.png

You’ll be able to see an estimation of the overall hours/days accrued at the end of the accruing period in the leave account overview.

estimation overall balance accrued estimation.png

Why does the holiday balance in the leave accounts overview differ from the balance shown when you click on the individual account?

⬆️ When you click on a holiday account, Planday gives you the balance as of today. So if you want to see that on the leave accounts overview, you will need to enter today's date as the period end date. Otherwise, Planday will take into account future holidays and accruals.

Why is the available balance of an absence account different than expected?

Suppose one of your employees has taken many holiday days. However, the available balance in the overview under Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) is higher than you would expect. It could be that there are holidays approved in the future, and the period you selected in the overview doesn’t cover future holidays.
You would therefore need to change the period end date or remove it completely to have the correct available balance.

The account balance you see depends on the selected period. See this example on Available balance before changing the period:

available balance before adjustment.png

Available balance after changing the period:

available balance after adjustment.png

Why can’t I see the initial account balance of a future absence account?

If you’re using automatic renewal of accounts and you have a fixed account whose validity date is set in the future, the start balance of this account will show 0 it’s because the period's start date is set to a date before the validity date of the account.
You would then need to match the period's start date to the account's start date.

Why is the available balance different on the app than on the web?

  • On the app, the available balance will include both the approved holiday and the unapproved holiday but if you press on the account, you'll see a detail of:

    • the balance to date (includes the approved holiday but doesn’t include the unapproved holiday) and

    • the available balance (includes both the approved and the unapproved holiday)

  • On the web version of Planday, the available balance doesn’t include the unapproved holiday.

I’ve deactivated an employee and I must pay their remaining holiday balance. How do I do that?

You can export a leave account report. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts)

  • Set the dates in the period filter from the start of the accruing period to the day the employee is deactivated

  • Click on Filters and choose the holiday account

  • Click on Export

The final column Leave pay - at the end day of the period filter in the export will give you the amount to pay.

It’s advised to delete their future holiday in order to get an accurate figure of the accrued leave that they are owed in their final pay. To do so, go to Schedule > Absence requests (or Leave requests) > Adjust the period filter > Choose the statuses Approved and Pending > Find the leave requests > Edit them and click on Deny.

Leave requests

How can I export my employees' leave requests?

Export your employees’ overall leave requests for a selected period under Schedule > Leave requests (or Absence requests) > click Export.

You'll then be able to choose the date range you want to look at, the type of account (either accrued or TOIL) and the departments you want the report for.

Why can’t one of my employees request a holiday?

It could be due to one of these reasons:

  1. Check if the employee has an active absence account by going to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts), entering the employee's name in the search bar, and selecting the "Active" filter in Account status for the account's current period. If no account appears, you must assign one to the employee first, as no absence request can be submitted without an absence account.

  2. If the employee already has an active leave account assigned, another reason could be overlapping requests. To verify this, navigate to Schedule > Leave requests (or Absence requests). If there is another request, you must reject it before a new one can be submitted.

Why can’t I see all of an employee’s leave requests in the Leave Overview tab in the employee’s profile?

It’s probably because the wrong time frame is selected.

Note: The start of the period is set by default to the first day of the current month.

To see all of an employee’s leave requests change the start date of the period to the date the account is valid.

How can I make sure the leave requests go to the right manager?

Let's assume an admin has access to a specific department and should only be notified when an employee in the same department requests leave. You can achieve this by using the supervisor feature.

Is it possible to book a holiday even if you have not accrued the hours?

Yes, it's possible if you have enabled the option Allow negative balance in the Absence account template's settings.

Inactive accounts

How do I delete Leave accounts / Account templates?

You can delete a Leave account template by going to Settings > Leave & Overtime > Account templates. Select the relevant account template from the list and click on Delete.

If you only delete the account template, this will not delete the leave accounts created from it, but they’ll become inactive.

Keep in mind that deleting an account template may result in the loss of all associated data.

You can delete a Leave account by going to Schedule > Leave accounts. In the account row, select the delete icon on the far right.

You must first have processed all pending requests before deleting an account.

I reactivated some employees but I can’t book holidays on their leave account. What do I do?

When you deactivate an employee, their leave account is automatically deactivated and you can’t change the accruing and spending periods nor request a holiday on it.

You would need to reach out to our support team so they can help you make some changes to this account or assign a new Leave account to the employee.

I reactivated some employees but on a different contract. What do I do with their Absence accounts?

You would need to apply a new account and set the start date for accruing to the start date of the contract otherwise, the system will take the hiring date of the employee.

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