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October 2023 Product Updates
October 2023 Product Updates
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October wrapped up with a few updates and cool new features added to Planday.

Here's what's new:


See payment status of your invoices

As an account admin you now have the ability to view the payment status of your invoices. We hope that this improvement will give greater transparency and provide the much needed insight on whether action is required on outstanding invoices.


Check out the modernised Working time rules report

With this report, managers can easily export a list of instances where employees may have violated working time rules. We've updated the export interface to make it more user-friendly, added new working time rule categories that were missing, and fixed all reported data errors. These changes make the report easier to use, more reliable, and help ensure that your team stays compliant with working time regulations.


Improved login experience for all users on web

We've made logging in to Planday easier. You no longer need to remember your company's URL. Just go to the login page on, enter your email, and we'll send you an email with links to your Planday organisation. Here's what's improved:

  • No more worrying about forgotten URLs; easily log in with the links in your email.

  • Your browser will remember the last company you logged into, making it even quicker to access your Planday organisation.



Improvements to the Planday app 10.0.0

Planday app has been updated to version 10.0.0 with an update for Schedule view for employees.

With this recent update aimed for the employees, we hope to improve your team's productivity and satisfaction by offering a more user-friendly information layout, enabling quicker access to essential details. The enhanced schedule view not only streamlines information but also delivers clearer error messages, ensuring that employees can easily understand and resolve any issues they encounter while using the schedule view.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Quick department switching: Easily toggle between departments to view your shifts if you work across multiple.

  • Your shifts at the top: Your shifts are consistently displayed at the top of the schedule for quick access.

  • Open shifts highlighted: Open shifts are now clearly visible at the top of the schedule for easy comparison with your existing shifts.


Updates to the Schedule page on Planday app

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android or iOS, updating to newer versions as they are released.
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