How to edit or delete a leave policy

See how to make changes to your leave policies or delete them.

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🎯 For admins looking to set up leave policies.

  • Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the relevant rules for leave and to configure Planday to be suitable for the particular circumstances of your organisation and employees. If you are unsure, please obtain professional legal advice.

  • See Planday's leave management to learn more.

After creating a leave or TOIL policy, you can edit or delete it from either of two locations:

From the settings page:

  • Go to Settings > Leave & Overtime (or Absence, Overtime, Vacation) > Policies > press the Edit icon next to the desired policy.

From the Leave accounts page:

  • Go to Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) > Manage leave > Manage policies > and click the Edit icon next to the policy you want to modify.

Once you've made the necessary changes in the window that opens, click Save or Delete.

Please note:

When editing a policy:

  • Policy’s calculation mode between days and hours cannot be changed later.

  • Certain elements within the predefined policies cannot be edited to ensure compliance with the leave rules.

When deleting a policy:

  • If you only delete a policy, this will not delete the leave accounts created from it, but they’ll become inactive.

  • Keep in mind that deleting a policy may result in the loss of all associated data.

View deleted leave policies

Go to Settings > Leave & Overtime > Policies. Choose the Deleted status and click on the policy.

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You can then review the policy settings under the “Details” tab and see who deleted the policy under the “History” tab.

view details of deleted policy.001.jpeg

Note: No changes can be made to a deleted policy. A deleted policy can't be restored or used to create new accounts.

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